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Hello, I'm money Chesterton and on this week's crowd science in Greece at two hundred forty six kilometer ultra marathon, we witnessed the pain the joy and the steely determination of people who run this far. I'm still moving forward. It's not it's not pretty it's not fast. It is movement. Kick me in the butt. But what are the limits of human, endurance? That's the question on this week's cramped science coming up next. BBC news with David Austin. President Trump has confirmed that he's putting out of a landmark disarmament agreement that was signed with Russia towards the end of the Cold War. He accused Moscow of violating the treaty on intermediate range nuclear forces. Russia denies this Afghans who couldn't vote in Saturday's parliamentary elections are now casting their ballots is the votes spilled over into a second day on the first day violence threats and technical problems foiled the voting process at hundreds of polling stations, an estimated three million people did vote on Saturday in one province people formed human chains around booth to keep suicide bombers out. Hundreds of Central American migrants have succeeded in entering Mexico from Guatemala despite efforts by the authorities there to prevent them from continuing their journey towards the United States, but many others are being taken back to Honduras. Israel's defense minister Abdul Lieberman has ordered the reopening of a key border crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip closed on Wednesday after a rocket attack. His office said the decision was taken because of a decrease in violence along this heparin barrier following efforts by Gaza's mass Rudas to restrain Palestinian demonstrators and Goethe's has about three hundred eighty thousand mostly Congolese illegal migrants have left the country in recent weeks. It says his clothes from a campaign against unauthorized diamond mining. Local elections are taking place across Poland the governing right-wing law and Justice party is hoping for a strong showing in the polls despite holding a weaker grip locally than it does on a national scale. Hurricane Mico, which battered the south eastern seaboard of the United States last week is completely exposed several nineteenth century shipwrecks on the coast of Florida. They largely been buried in sand. That's the latest BBC news. Races, easy, better harvest, the months of Canepa for clock in the morning training. This is just such an amazing spectacle and innovate. It's great honor to be able to run in the footsteps of activities. Dreaming of these many years. So this is a dream come true now, I just want to start running. Hello and welcome t- crowd science from the BBC World Service. I'm Monty Chesterton and right now, my producer, Cathy. And I are on top of the hill in Athens in the shadow of the Acropolis world-famous landmark. It's just breaking dawn. And we have just watched four hundred hard core runners takeoff for the start of.

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