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You'll hear how in just a moment with Matt Bear from the W I B C Traffic center. Another man found dead in a car Thursday night on the East Side. Police are looking for suspects in both of those shootings. Police need our support. Now more than ever, says Vice President Mike Pence, will always honor the service of the men and women of law enforcement, and we will always honor your dedicated family. At the Fraternal Order of the Police Lodge in Philadelphia Thursday, Pence called out what he calls the radical left for its calls to defund the police. He assured everyone that the Trump Administration will not do that. Also in the state of Pennsylvania Thursday was presumptive Democratic president Candidate, Joe Biden. He spoke about what his economic plan would be if elected. Fox's Jessica Rosenthal reports provide and mocked President Trump's promised to bring back manufacturing, saying he will actually do it promising to invest billions in technology, RND, modernize infrastructure, replenish stockpiles and enhance national security. All, he said President Trump's been too divisive and has failed during the pandemic, carrying on ly about things like the stock market, ending Obamacare or his base. Jessica Rosenthal, Fox News president. Trump will have a campaign fundraiser in South Florida today. Before that, he'll be in the Miami area to meet with people from Cuba and Venezuela. His first stop, though, after landing at noon in Miami will be a Dural where he'll visit US Southern Command. Four Children killed in a fiery crash in Wayne County Thursday, Kurt Darling reports. Acosta, 15 years old Quentin McGowan, 13 Breckin Bruce, eight, and Trenton Bruce, six..

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