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Fan. Big chicago bulls fan. What's this movie. Your relation with jamie foxx goes goes way back but is all star weekend. Is that movie still on the on the horizon. Well jamie's been we. We were filming it the evening. That trump was elected. Never forget it. I was one of the only white boys onset. Which reminds me of how i grew up because i grew up in this. No i'm not saying the real. Yeah that's not a joke. So i just i. I don't know if i've ever had better time by That castles it's terrible cast. It's like jamie and benita. Del toro junior longoria. It's it's a cast. You don't want us to do just filled with foot theat lincoln and jamie jamie's editing it for four years. I think you should take more time. I'm thinking no do. I think we're seventy you know. Put out the time to put it likely the smoker you know. Do you got to be featured in the the whole last dance experience. I was fucking crazy. Yeah i mean to show you how badly i wanted that. They came to me. And i thought it was a joke and i was like you know. They're like send us one thirty second clip of your of any funny story. You've got or any story of you know you. And and you know being a bulls fan. Whatever so. I sent them fourteen thirty second about the way. That's cut down. I to cut it down to fourteen for sure you know and i just i just wanted to go one for fourteen. That's it let me just go one fourteen and i. I made it in trying to do a bit. You know like and you know it's it was fun and and it was an honor. It was incredible. I you know i. I watched that to this day. And i think it's important for people to see because there was no social media then and you know there's not a real reference in real time for what. Mj was doing and you know the people the rest of his players really honest like they said he's an asshole and you know. She is filled with tough love. An mj was the first one to say it. Like this is who i am and this is what i believe it takes to win. And you're there with near against me and and you know it it worked it worked for him and it was just beautiful to see. It's so rare to see that because everybody on their best behavior now everyone. Everyone's doing some sort of performance gesture. A keyboard warrior showing that they're on the right side at all times. You know and this is a guy. Go into so i was was he a hero to. I mean every one that lived in chicago every time. I showed up someplace off. Like you. Just miss them jay. I know i was like what's going on. I just never saw forever ever and then and then you know. Like where were those plays like a panera bread or like a fucking hot. Tub factor like factor. I don't know. I don't know where you're going to hotel but i would like to go to a hot tub factory with you. I think we've been to one. I would watch. We shared hydrotherapy together as you do. I would love to watch an indie movie where you play struggling hot. Tub salesman in like the midwest ever see cedar rapids. I love that movie so good and so you as a what what the deal is if you're recently if the marriage is falling apart what's going on but you're trying to get you know. Maybe you inherited the hutto business. I don't know i'm spitballing here. But there's just i seal immediately. Just see you as this guy that were rooting for. That's fucking maybe puts his family in a in a winnebago. And it's like i need to fucking do some grassroots marketing to get. Get people back on board with hot tubs. Maybe the the depression hit. And that's what fucking you know. Listen i think. I think traveling talented town trying to get people into my adds up is not creepy at all. Great idea also email you a treatment and i and i said well that's a may and here's what the way the reason i have. I had this. Because i got tattoos my neck that who just i irish pride neck tattoo just went away because i just got done when students moving to terrence howard where i play a generational rates is from south austin. Seventy four during the during the the busing dismantling integration segregation situation. While by the times fast theater school vocal. Warm up the fucking interrogation. The this'll be unsuccessful. Sit this'll unsuccessfully. At three thousand through the by segregation bus seventy four car segregation. Sorry did you hear the news about the to jews. Who lost her shoes on the cruise pubic puke puke. I got so many okay. We're back way that's dope terrence howard. New that's a. That's a killer combo. I can't wait to see that be. I'll tell you how that came about I ran into him on the street. And i'm just wanted to these people who you know. Everyone's always playing. It's so cool. But i have no problem going up. You're the you're the same way no problem saying. Hey man i really love your stuff. I just you know why not so. I went up to him. And we were both young. And hadn't really done much our just tell them of watergate. After i thought he was by the way my battery. My battery is at a certain point. You're just gonna shut down. Great so i said we just keep going down in in honor of the jews. Maybe it'll be a hannukah miracle. Yeah whatever we got is whatever we were supposed to get sound. Good there you go. I let me let me pick up the pace. Yeah get you and terrence. Our boys next question can wait to see that jerry. you again. So many comedies. I mean from seinfeld to ellen. To larry sanders show to fuck too old. I mean it's like you you know. And then one of my favorite movies one of my favorite parts of yours. Quite honestly it serendipity like your fucking flawless in that and i think that movie is just very special and you cusak have the type of its. I found out years later. That you guys even homeys. And i'm like oh dub because that was a true like you know you wanna see that type of friendship in any movie between fellas but just especially for what that story was and who were to him it was like i don't know is that extra-special having already built in and is that easier for you way easier when you when you grow up with someone and you know Would he grew up with the work together. So we were you know doing. We're on stage together. Doing improv sets sketch comedy and whatnot and then Show we we understood the rhythm and and a lot of that stuff wasn't scripted and it was a blast That was and it was one of those things where it's at at the time i remember auditioning for not telling him and then calling them up and i was just so excited and yeah that was you know. It's one of those fun romantic comedies. That have kind of people talk about for some reason. When you're doing all these comedic performances was there ever a time when somebody ellen or cusak or somebody that then said like you ever done stand up because we that funny guy on set to like or were you just all business. I'm sure entourage were business. But i mean on all these shows where there's seems a little bit more looseness and there's not so much You know where you have so much of the meats to take care of you know. Just i've always been such a fan of it Starting with richard pryor And it just seemed like this insane proposition to transform the space by yourself like because you know what you're doing skits comedy you have everyone there with you figure it out together so we just never. It wasn't it wasn't something in reach. You know what i mean. It was just just wasn't something that we thought we could ever do. And we were always making each other laugh and and doing impressions and fucking around at all times. But it was never like. But i remember the first time i did stand up my agent said other. Something called a just for laughs. This little comedy festival and this is ten years ago. And so i thought he's like you should do and i trusted him and i go out there ahead of buddy of mine and we went out there and check it out and so we go. Let's check out the venue we go the night before and a robot he goes. What are you what is going to be asked of jeremy. What's going on here. They said okay. Well it's film lie..

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