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It's like imagine if if you think of the two kentucky schools could uh university kentucky in louisville if if if potato said we're gonna run triangle and calviparisett we're going to remember we always rent everybody's gonna go to kentucky because all these one in done all these mcdonnell all americans as the goal is to get to the pros as fast as possible if you if i guess if you're there four years the the secret is what you just in develop fast enough because you should have been in one and done but that's what they that's what the kids want as what they play let's go to kevin in jersey kevin you're on the fan tony page would do not must men are you build an extremely pompidou non yes he comes from my he comes from the jerry krause tree whatever it however jerry krause that he made it happen astonishly enough mean he was a pompton individuals well you're one of the pope you can kiss is ring i guess fill you got a kiss all eleven armed boy he proved nothing i think another tung thing also is chris paul going in houston of them um so big belonged point a alone the point i think feeding norm it i think kills new york only because with all this other talk about building he uh superteam than what not i i agree with these guys these guys really they want to be the king of the hill and right now the king of hill golden state by far easily gm um him going to go him going to houston he obviously loved the coach wide open dude tony kinda reminds me of the old shell relaxed schill hippie ish lead the boys do what they wanna do but the the catch twenty chewed of that is you still do need defence somehow pop shown every year kawhi leonard doesn't go down yeah fast enough that he had enough defense they proved that you you have to have them an uh the defensive mentality he just foreign keep wide open which is good for one effect will you he's wide open as could be drained gonna be no defense played.

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