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Reese's started all three games with a Homer, so that kind of gives a little jolt and then everyone else kind of chipped in and had a big inning. We just Suarez picked out the window and proved the way the vive Patrick Corbin took the loss. Other national league winners with the Dodgers giants, rockies and cubs, the Mariners and angels split a pair in Seattle. The Orioles tigers royals and rangers were the other ale winners. I'm Dave ferry, AP sports. Tensions between Israel and Gaza militants are in their second day, Saturday. Israeli air strikes flattened homes in Gaza and rocket barrages into southern Israel, persisted, raising fears of an escalation in a conflict that has killed at least 15 people. The fighting began with Israel's killing of a senior commander of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant group in a wave of strikes Friday that Israel said were meant to prevent an imminent attack. So far, Hamas appeared to stay on the sidelines of the conflict, whether it continues to stay out of the fight, likely depends in part on how much punishment is real inflicts in Gaza. I'm Julie Walker. President Biden has tested negative for COVID after having had a rebound case. Biden's doctor says the 79 year old will continue to isolate until a second negative test, but continues to feel very well. The president who is fully vaccinated and boosted came down with the virus a second time on July 30th, days after he tested negative from the first bout with COVID. It's a rare rebound case for someone who took the antiviral pax livid. Meanwhile Biden is scheduled to visit flood ravaged eastern Kentucky on Monday. I'm Julie Walker. Wendy's new strawberry frosty is here. So check your watch. Is it frosty time yet? It probably is. The hour hand would be on, I'm feeling snacky. And the

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