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This is so easy to solve. It's not easy soft because he's going with the not guilty, and he's got his fancy lawyers. And they're just worried about the video drop the videotape now, and I'm gonna tell you right now. This is Robert Kraft. The first line of obituaries Robert Kraft once seen in south Florida massage parlor being sexually satisfied died today. Now, this is how you will be remembered right for all those Super Bowls, right? Craft also owned the New England Patriots. And one eighteen hundred Super Bowls over so. Steiner? She's sports history. Craft was one hundred six. Okay. Is it really him? What is that? From. What what is that noise for someone? Get the video already. What did he those for an interview? He's he made that noise in an interview tip of Ron noise. Oh my gosh. Well, there be audio on the video that may be released audio on the consuming. There's audio don't know because because his defense could be wait stop. I don't want that weight. Stop hold on my handcuffs to they might have to include the audio which just be even more horrifying. Oh, the feds headed bugged to just find it because they were trumping out the human trafficking peace. Oh my God. I just I throw it in my mouth. You don't want to think about no, no, you don't have to put your parents having sex shuts. Right. When you think about that, you really hope no one is eating like your grandfather having sex. But but but but even worse. Just imagine grandpa paying for it in a massage parlor. Yeah. Oh, no. I'm sorry day spa. In a strip mall. I really I'm telling you something I feel hungry. There's typhoon next door. Panic. Express. Now, if you want I mean, that's that's good of the rest or whatever the restaurant is in the survival of the human trafficking is going right something. I mean, that's oh. All right cut away from the helmet Cam. Wonderful show some mercy when they release it or do they have to release extra too? Yeah. Yeah. Let's can we do this. Can we can can Kim? Have you noticed? How Kim has also created Chinese wall to us. Mike Monaco's term of art around the news department from this conversation, and I'm telling you that the WGN management appreciates that because what we're doing is wrong. Now, I said that's good enough loading in my head. All right. Take it away. Mostly cloudy, seventy four at O'Hare police at Aurora have released some of the surveillance video from the February shooting at a warehouse that left five people dead five police officers hurt WGN's. Ryan burrow has more. The video released includes four angles it shows police squad cars rushing to the scene. After report of shots being fired inside of the building one of the cameras in the front lobby shows gunman. Gary Martin waiting with his gun in hand and pacing around the lobby as police set up near the loading dock. He seemed shooting through the glass window at officers eventually retreating back into the building five. Police. Officers were hurt in the firefight. All upon arriving at that facility. Eventually a swamp. Vehicle breaks the glass windows and officers with long guns and shields entered the building we've posted the video on our Facebook and Twitter pages viewer. Discretion is advised. New text messages release show, Cook County state's attorney Kim. Fox's continued to discuss the Jesse smell like case with co workers despite recusing herself from the case asked if she should resign. Mayor Emanuel says.

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