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I bowl of corpse. They are so keen that you understand that super gory in violent your parents. Hell kids. Yeah. This is cool. I mean, just like grit. That's interesting because I don't remember the being that much swearing than the Mike manual comic books. This are you know, on this just kind of glossed over I read a lot of elbowing. But I I don't think of it. A huge part of it. Maybe it was more sort of the the violence and the the ability to of go to the edge that way that they were worried about and then the this wearing just a bonus. I don't know. But yeah, as good as hell, boy is I feel the problem here is he doesn't have that team around him to buns off in the same way like oversee he has in McShane his father figure, but McCain is is kind of played this role a million times, and it kinda shows this points both of helpers sidekicks are handicapped because Sasha Elaine who is so great when she's given room to work is saddled with his English accent that seems to have consumed her this time on Olshan seems to be focusing on his trying to get the action, right, which I'm afraid she doesn't. But also that that then gives her no nothing to work with her lines of the worst in the film. And maybe she could have delivered them better. She had been worrying about the accident. Or maybe they were just bad lines at no one could save. I'm not sure Daniel came as great. But he's so busy keeping a secret from us that we don't see why he's being. Tunnel fishing till super late in the day, which I think again, kind of hampers your ability to really connect with him. There's a lot of little fund service nodes here and there, but maybe just it just doesn't really work. I think almost unforgivably for English director Neil Marshall can be great when when he has material to work with. But this does that thing American films do where there are only two types of people in England in the in the UK, there are the super rich people, and there were the cockney. So it's basically stately home or consular state and nothing in between an I just find that incredibly heritage. And so that didn't make me warm to it either. Because I haven't seen this yet in the run-up to both of the del Toro films which have a love affection for and they are they have that kind of horrific moments. I think forgotten how intense the tooth fairy sequences in where literally pulling people's eyes and gravity people's faces twelve a and everything. FM OEMs no f- OEMs, but it they are charming that warm Xiaoming films and. Phil favorite scene. And Hello to is when hell boy name Sapien get drunk and sing Barry Manilow is is like such a liberally moment. It has that tennis to it. And it seems the trailers and things that this is is lacking that. Yeah. I would say that streaming Helberg strong, but it gets drunk on his own. And he's angry, for example. I mean, there is I think something that must be deliberate to del Toro, which is that we start in Tijuana with sort of Mexican wrestling match that feels like a deliberate sort of Omar of some sort, but it now, I just I was bored. I shouldn't be born. That's a shame because I had seen some footage of this. I thought actually was was encouraging and promising and showed the horns are great. They didn't do huge box office. Which is why wasn't a elbow three. But in the one from them one for me dichotomy of persons career, the hell films don't really fit into that neatly for del Toro because they are both one for them on one for him. He loves monsters comes across. Yeah. In every frame I so meticulously designed beautifully lit and well acted role permits fantastic and such a real affection for those films. I was hoping that this film might some way might match them. But it's it's a real shame. I hope to see it this weekend..

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