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I'm so glad you got your Internet bag Keira Girl same same big shutout to my mom for being world's biggest VIP MVP. I mean like you know like any normal person. She had an extra router sitting around so she just send it over. How convenient I now. So we're up. Were doing good so far no complaints. I feel connected to the world again. Thank goodness I missed you last week. I did too. It was really sad to say I'd be like I think I'M GONNA. Watch some Netflix on my laptop and then I realized I couldn't me? I mean I probably could've used the hot spot on my phone but we all know how sketchy debt is not reliable. Never works as well as you want it to on the need us. Apply your data exactly also not good. Exactly Yikes well. Since we missed a week do do we have any updates for each other I mean I don't think so still just sitting at home. Same old grown attaining. We're just so cool. Oh my gosh again very cool. We lead extremely amazing. Lives just thrilling. Really Yeah but I wouldn't I wouldn't trade it you know. I don't think I would either. 'cause I don't I don't know what I'd trade it for. That would make me any happier trying to think. Yeah I might trade it for adult life seems pretty spectacular but I think it would be just a lot of pressure. You're probably right. Did you see that. She broke instagram again. Today I saw that. She posted a picture of herself. Yeah and she looked broken. Sarim Yeah Jill Good. Yeah the last time she posted was in December allow. Yeah girl so it's been a minute. Yeah and then. She goes in posts like Kerr glow up. Pick not that she wasn't. Ra Gorgeous before Ryan. Because she was. She looks sleeper healthy in just happy. Exactly she doesn't even say anything about it and people are like Let's break the Internet. I wonder if that's what she thinks about before she makes a post. I would assume that's exactly what she thinks about. And I assume it has to go through her publicist and like all these different people before. She can actually hit submit for her. It does have. You not heard that you know she would get on twitter. Instagram ALLY DRUNK LIKE POST. All sorts of wild things like yeah. They're like okay. It has to go through one of us. I I WANNA go crazy eighty now. I had no idea yeah. I don't remember what Dr She was on when she was talking about it but she talked about. It is pretty funny makes sense though. I'm Adele. I'd be right there with you girl. But when you're at that status new need some censoring censoring. Oh my gosh. So I looked at these notes a little bit and I'm like I don't know what's happening but I'm so excited. Listen this is what we're done chit chatting friends and we're going to go into the dirty dancing town. I'm so ready. Got Dancing fever.

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