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Market, and heightened trade tensions between the United States, and China on Wall Street, the Dow fell to thirty seven points after gaining as much as one hundred thirty one points earlier in the day to report shows visitors to Yellowstone National Park spent nearly five hundred thirteen million in neighboring communities last year. This is townhall dot com. Doctor Samuel Stanley junior medical researcher, who has led study brook university in New York for nearly a decade was named the next president of Michigan State University. Michigan state is still reeling from fomer sports, Dr Larry Nassar molestation of hundreds of female gymnasts and other athletes at the school families description of the scandal to me, particularly as a physician was a gross and uncomfortable. And comprehensible betrayal of trust family says what happened at Michigan state will not be forgotten. I want to meet with survivors in their families listened to their voices and their thoughts and learn from the professor Anna, peg ler Gordon is hoping new president will make a difference. Michigan state had mishandled path complaints against Larry Nassar dating as far back as nineteen Ninety-seven. I made Donahue or these stories at townhall dot com. Patrick fos. Tea party revolution swept him into office refused. Back down to anyone took on the White House on the Democrats. He took on the Republicans even took on MSNBC guess, good at taking people on some of those people decided to take him out. They redrew district and spend millions of dollars to feed him. Well, now the revolution has been reloaded and he's leading Joe Walsh. And this is the Joe Walsh radio program. Walsh. Thank you. Eight five five six four to fifty six hundred..

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