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Sisters I have brought to you Much like your trusty pet animal cat. Usually my experience Bringing you some sort of have expired creature to your door that you wish. They didn't but they're very proud of. I think that's pretty exclusively a cat. I think it'd be pretty freaked out of my goldfish one day. I had like a dead mouse ball like loop. What do birds do that? I feel like birds. Maybe they're kind of scary. Gotcha sorry go ahead sir. What what what? Death the cane thing if you brought us I I bring you the remnants of the day from twitter. I've been searching twitter for for things for us to talk about and there's so so much going on besides the fact that Kiana reeves has a girlfriend and I'm I just WanNa mention that 'cause I'm so happy for him you know and and the Internet is is impressed because she is age appropriate. I and I'm not awake sliding I'm very also invested in key honorees. He's happiness but I like the this is the thing that's like newsworthy. Like a male celebrity has girlfriend and she's only nine years younger than him. He deserves all the accolades. Yes I know it is. It is sad that that's the story when I because I think people felt the need to justify why they wanNA talk about it but like no one needs to front. We're all on the same page. Kiana reeves happiness is very important to all of them. We all remember how Saturday was on that bench that day with that sandwich. And we've all been worried about him since then and then he's so good John Wick he so angry and sad bad but so good but so angry and sad we just want him to be okay. You know well I hit. It seems like a cool smart talented talented artsy ladies. So so good for him and just I hope they're both very happy and I I will now follow this this relationship very closely a lot of pressure this let them have their space and I will I will. I don't really if it doesn't pop up immediately when I opened twitter. Yeah I don't know what's happening in the world so I actually won't go searching for that information but I'm just glad that it's in there in my brain first celebrity relationships in followed closely it. It would be the first and only celebrity relationship I ever cared about. Also everybody's talking about who they WANNA sit next next to a plane. What musician if you? If you're stuck on a plane next to a musician who would it be. Why is people? You're talking about as twitter. Man I I don't know why people this is. This is both what I don't understand why I will never disengaged from twitter. I know that a lot of people like to do that. That's fine everybody should do them. I'll never disengaged from twitter because I open it and I'm like why is talking about what musician they wanna sit next to on a plane. That's weird I gotta find out about this and that's just twitter all over. I'd be like musician. Would you want to hear saying or perform or be able to ask questions but the thing about airplanes are is no one should talk to anybody and definitely really. No one should sing. So I don't personally know what musician brings the most snacks and readily shares them. So I have no answer Jimmy Jimmy Buffett Michelle Lee Michelle. Yes glee stories. Yeah that's all. I really want just like Krim early days in spring awakening. Jonathan groff inside scoop on Glee. That's it would you be able to ask no because that was part of why. Oh I picked. Jimmy Buffett is that I've met him and so I'm kind of cheating because I would feel like hey you don't. There's no way you'll remember me but we've met and kid I talked to you now. And he's just so chill he would say yes. I am like one degree of separation. Away from meeting Leah. Michelle and I've thought about many times if the situation were to ever arise how I would act and I. I don't think I'd be able to say anything I I guess I've heard stories from friends that have like worked worked with Joan Jett that she's really chill and like cool so I like that is more as much as I loved your jet. There's also that aspect where I don't I don't think I could actually talk to her. But the possibility of a conversation happening because of her gentleness makes makes maybe the candidate that I would go with well. That's I mean that's part of the problem with this question. Is that like. There's some people ache like there's my teenage heart says like rivers Cuomo. Oh but like you know. He doesn't want to talk to whoever's next him on the plane and I'm not gonna I'm not GonNa be the one to to break that. Break that silence. It'd be like I'm enough. Force you to talk to me now. Talk to rivers Cuomo and he excuses himself he goes it to the first class of any doesn't come out for the length of the entire flay. That's what that is what I assumed would happen. And I don't want to do that to him because I respect him as an artist so I would just sit there in in shock doc for the entire time I mean it'd be so I wouldn't want to move and not take up too much room so that he wouldn't think like how rude my my the person isn't that next to me is taking up too much space. I would not be able to function. Well get it rivers. Cuomo is notoriously somewhat reclusive reclusive from the limelight. That that is important to know here. I think explaining. I just wasn't going to ask. He weezer is where he's from the band. I know that okay. You know that word but he i. At least my perception of him is that he would not want to talk with a stranger on a plane that that would not be his bag back now. Andrew W K. I bet he talked to you on a plane. I think it gives you a sermon on a plane. See that'd be pretty cool. Somebody okay. Who Do most of the talking? So I wouldn't have to come up with the topics I think I would hand W. Camp having a hard time. Could you give me some advice. And that would be two hours The the only other celebrity news I have for you the only twitter news I have for you. Is that Robert Pattinson is learning Jujitsu for the Batman. Man and I just going to be in the Batman. He's going to be the Batman. The titular Batmans he I Looked I tried to look at the pictures Robert Pattinson doing do Jitsu. I won't lie. I'm sorry I did. You wanted to see Robert Patents doing jitsu shirted. I'm sorry both Harry Potter her Anti Light. Excuse me yes okay But they were on instagram. And like the link took me there and then I didn't know how to find him on instagram. Because we're not like friends on there or whatever and so. I didn't know how to instagram works. I didn't know how to get there so I never saw him. But they're out there somewhere. Internet wow well that's A. That's a star study casts for the Bat. Bab coming up right Colin Farrell is the Penguin. That's not who I would. That's not who I would assume or think of first off but okay. That's a nice one hot pink would i. I was GONNA say I'm down I'M GONNA find. There will will be a time in my life where I go well now. I'm sexually attracted to the penguin from that man. So there's that Danny Devito is still out there and doing great stuff. Why didn't they just hit him up again? Like I don't know Zoe. Kravitz is going to be cat woman so yes please thank you. Thank you very much I i. Dan Love all of this. I will be very excited to see this. I found Robert Patents and instagram. I think this is Robert Pattinson At Robert Pattinson official. But I don't think it's is actually run by him because they bio is just photos of actor Hashtag Robert Pattinson. This seems like a fan thing. There are no photos of him. Doing do Jitsu. But one of the most recent recent ones is just a picture of a message degree and the caption is just Hashtag. TBT for throwback Thursday. I find that very amusing He it doesn't have an instagram. It seems to me well. Then I don't who knows. These pictures are nowhere. Nowhere twitter also allied for the first time ever well ally appeared on on social media. Oh no I'm sorry that's facebook that if you type in rubber pads and the first thing that comes comes up is Robert Pattinson Jujitsu. A lot of people are thirsty for those pictures. Apparently you're not alone Listen I know people like to joke about twilight twilight but it was great and I'm sorry. Watch him in the movies and tell me you don't agree with me. We see will there there is. He's on Jeju. Choose if you look up. Robert Patterson Jujitsu on Google images. It's the first picture that comes out I could do. Gold didn't think about that. That's kind of your fault there. I'm very good at researching science not so much people like celebrity people So other things that that the Internet has brought me recently are buzzfeed articles because the facebook is good at surfacing. Christine those Those in lies about politics. Yes that's facebook for you. buzzfeed articles about the nineties and lies about political. That's what Mark Zuckerberg wanted. That was his. That is what he's brought. That's what that movie was about the right social networking this about I really want to spread. Political is and buzzfeed articles. Yeah easier with both of you probably. Was it a thing yet probably not. That's that's how it became a thing yet sucker. Berg was like how do I get weird quizzes at the same time is like Pictures of funny tweets and also like somewhat what news media and dangerous dangerous democracy threatening lies. Yeah is that worse or better than the real reason that it was created which was to rank his female classmates. It's I I have no answer for this is all. I know. It's all it's all bad. It's all bad that's it's okay. Sometimes it's all bad just bad. She's bad Yeah did you I for a second I wanna I wanNA talk about this but Like on Halloween. It was Halloween and the house was voting on the impeachment inquiry inquiry to move forward and at the the same time like the New York Times published an open letter written by Aaron Sorkin to mark Zuckerberg about his about the first amendment and undermining democracy. And it was just a weird day right. It's just a weird day. There's just a weird day. You know. Just saying kind of forgot about Mark Zuckerberg for awhile in. He's wanted really wanted to remind everyone about himself and he did it in the worst way possible boy. He just can't not be a jerk their canny. I guess if you wanted to good Halloween scare like oh no the evil corporate conglomerates in the overthrow of government like. I don't know there's a lot. There's a lot to be spooked about on Halloween. Who ooh ooh? Two Thousand Nineteen But no this article though. It's not scary or serious so we'll talk about that instead. Yeah It was a it was expanding on a topic that we very briefly touched on in our live show which is The visco go.

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