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Walgreens, Hockey, Katie Gab discussed on The KDKA Radio Morning News with Larry Richert and John Shumway


To try and bridge the gap and make hockey popular in areas that normally have not had access to hockey to urban core centers. I mean he believes in the game and things it's an exciting game. But there's a large area the population in this country. Brett never really had a personal exposure to hockey and snoop Dogg is one of the. Those is working with the NHL to try and bridge that gap and make him more popular in areas that it hasn't been you know, what he liked the most he said, but as he's doing the game, but how the players change on the fly. I liked you got to hear this coming up on. Katie gab radio will give you the rundown on the weather and already issues in traffic triple as Kathy Berggren standing by next. You can take eighty K radio with you as the radio dot com app. Download it today and listen to us anytime anywhere. At Walgreens, we know it's cold season. Again, a time. When all you're trying to do is that everyone down her family dinner. But instead you're coughing and have chest congestion. That's why Walgreens is minutes away to help you find everything you need to feel better like moose next EM along with expert care that goes beyond the pharmacy. Stop in today for personalized advice and find the right relief right here. Walgreens, trusted since nineteen o one with card. Select Musa next. The end products wells ninety nine through January nineteen uses directed. Six fifteen Katie care radio traffic powered by bowser Nissan. Route fifty one south on top of the hill. Time for us to say good morning. The triple A's Kathy burger and she's already morning burning the midnight oil. Yeah. It's a busy one already this morning. We've had two separate accidents on the Parkway west Al one just outside of the tunnels, the other and around Parkway center, all of the now out of the way for you. But traffic is still pretty busy for folks. Oh, heading up onto the fort Pitt bridge, outbound Parkway west it hasn't been too Lami since they've cleared. Those crashes so we're still seeing some residual delays on that outbound Parkway last we had an earlier disabled vehicle inbound on twenty inches past the their waterworks that's been cleared, but traffic still bags before the Aetna bypass. We have an accident being cleared over on sixty five near Riverview avenue. Also, just one reported downtown right now at grant street right around seventh avenue AAA traffic on the fives is brought to you by twenty-first-century cyber charter school twenty-first-century. Cyber charter school is Pennsylvania's top performing cyber charter school in his free. Visit Twenty-one CCC S dot org to learn more. Our next report at six twenty five and the Presbyterian, see your traffic center..

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Walgreens, Hockey, Katie Gab discussed on The KDKA Radio Morning News with Larry Richert and John Shumway

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