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We go to the home half of the inning. Number seven. It'll be Riley Markakis. Pedro Baez continues on the hill. Victor Gonzalez is up in the pen. So the left getting loose. Big night for Corey Seager Bias fires that went up it in ball one just where our producer By a bat like our technician will never as well. Kevin winner John shall be buster, only major league baseball, ESPN radio, one swing and a line drive into left field. Coming on Taylor. Kris Taylor plays it on a bounce defensively. Taylor move from second toe left public out of the game and Hernandez into the game at second. So it goes Taylor Bellenger bets left to right in the outfield. Turner, Seeger Fernandez, Muncie 3rd 1st off the field. Will Smith behind the plate, and it looks like we're gonna have ourselves a pitching change. With Markakis do up. Salas is going to come in out of the bullpen called Pan Brought to you by Geico, Geico Ween. Switch to Geico would see how much you could have been saving. It'll haunt you with nobody out here in the bottom of the seventh Dodgers lead the brave 72. This is the.

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