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Top tens and average finchem eleven point five s third-best. Wow, denny! Hamlin has a couple of wins. Seven top fives, eight top tens average finish a fifteen point zero, eight seven. This is our block of to win drivers and it's a pretty big block. Yeah, continuing to slice things off this block. We've got Giuliano at the number twenty two team penske Ford to win seven top five eight top tens two poles, average finish seventeen point four, two nine. That's not good. No, not at all Martin Drake's junior has a couple of wins top five ten top tens two Poles average finish of thirteen point eight. How about Matt Kenseth the Guy. Who is in this the track that joy? Lugano did the Quintessential Nascar moment to him. Yes, I believe so so this. Should it be probably three wins for Matt? Kenseth and one win for Llegado a moment ago, but he fateful moment happened, and so Gano has two wins. Kenneth also has to win seven top five thirteen top tens and three poles average finish of. Of Thirteen point four two nine I didn't plan this for a while. I can't even utter his name Vk, two wins four top fives. Ten top tens appall average finish at twelve point five. You know who I'm talking about. He drives the car Brad Keselowski. She's talking about about this. Kevin Harvick guys still better number four Stewart Haas racing I know you couldn't do it so I had to. Stewart Haas Racing Ford Kevin Harvick three wins this race track, so we've broken through our barrier of to win drivers or the guy who has three. That's the most in the entire series. He not last list. We'll find out in a minute eight to five fifteen top tens and five poles, average finish of eight point five, eight three. That's a series best, and he's still not the last guy and his list. Nope, because this guy is better. Yes okay. You know who I'm talking about. He drives the number forty eight Hendrick motorsports Chevrolet will most likely wreck at some point and finished mid pack, but he does have three wins at Kansas nine top fives, nineteen top tens that's more than Harvick, three polls, an average finish of nine point five, eight three. We are moving those decimal points out folks. You know what I am excited for the people on the show that listen that have put up with your Jimmy Johnson. Stick forever and hated it because he was dominating, and you're like. Jimmy Oh yeah, boy, and now we're on the other end of things and he's just struggling like crazy. You're still holding on to hope and I'm sure they're just like. I like your impression of me and I also like your impression of them. It was well yeah I mean. If I were them I listened to you talking all the smack all these years. Every driver being inferior to Jimmy Johnson I would have that reaction. Up Next Rowdy Dragon has your fancy NASCAR picks, and that's next on W., boop Wu. Dot Com. Getting you ready for this weekend's. Hello everyone. Rowdy Dragon back with this week's final fantasy update today. We're going to look back at Texas, motor speedway. See what you folks did and look at some good picks for Kansas. So at Texas Motor speedway for Stage one winner goes to we the people. STAGE TO? Kevin Matt's took that one. And the winner! There's a little SNAFU WITH NASCAR DOT COM in their scoring system..

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