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You're a former navy seal. NFL after so what type of discipline when it comes to being a dad so I So so the ad that I was also an extremely extremely abused kid so the last time I saw my my biological mom has passed away but the last time I saw her as when I had to testify against her in court at eleven years old and so so I I I do believe discipline lax at our in our culture today in large part I do think that Discipline is also misunderstood good I think as kids get older like I feel that. I'm having to use corporal punishment less and less these days but for for me like making my kids I do believe in spanking my kids But I think a proper proper quote unquote spanking is is rendered and love and clarity and ultimately leads that. You're not having to Spank your kids anymore. and and so for me when my kids were young and as an spanking what it meant was nobody was angry they. We talked through why they were getting a spanking then when when they when when they were able to answer why they were getting a spanking to swats. We're given and then immediately after the two swats were given they're calling right into my lap and I pray for them. Tell Them I love them and that we're all good and then we move on and and so What I see? See what I've seen a lot of Environments you know you go to the mall and you see basically a parent that loses their minds and they basically. We are unleashed on their kids that that's not disciplined that's not A. There's no instruction there there's no guidance there's no there's no purpose in that that's just a that's just an individual losing their mind aligned and and provoking their kid wrath as well and and so.

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