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But here's my question because people ask me this all the time they say. Okay so mike lindell's putting out these these documentaries. He's putting out this information. When does the rubber meets the road. I mean if people ignore this information can listen for me. Even talking to you i catch such flack from people that get so angry. Why are you talking about these conspiracy theories. Why do you believe. Where's the evidence now. Obviously i believe in what we're talking about here but what amazes me. Is the vitriol coming from people. They're just furious that you would even be bringing this stuff up right well. Yesterday i went all around the country that i sat down trump with the end in august and i fully believe that myself. You'll be back in. But i will tell you what the plan is. The plan is this right now. I'm launching that. I that i documented this week tomorrow at noon then next week on lodging absolute interference that we out to. We're going to be launching. Absolute cover up okay. But now in the parallel track all the evidence that evidenced. Now we've checked out every ip address the ideas that the computers. We have everything that just came back yesterday. I'm so happy now. It's all we could right now. Bring it to the supreme court and they would go nine up in. This is turned. You know okay of length for those lawyers. We don't understand you say we could bring it to the supreme core and i'm gonna explain that the reason we're not okay the reason we're not everybody has because we've got some bad people on the supreme court that don't wanna look at jason. We have bad judges in this country. That don't wanna look at stop stolen when i decided to do this. Mike lindell now. Is i'm going to over the course of the next five weeks four to five weeks. I'm going to dump all this evidence for all to see every day on my new platform. Frank where the world can't suppress it. Where every single person. My audience i believe is a democrat democrat. That was while trying to attack this. This came in its foreign interference. They came in and stole this election. Through these machines dominion sparked attic. Everyone will get to see this over five weeks to berry. I have a coordinated plan here then. I'm also a glass counter. Suing are not counter-sting putting a lawsuit with my bill against doumanian counter-suing up the public for free speech for the first amendment rights. Were all doing this over. The course of five weeks just show the world all the evidence including nine people on the supreme court including their neighbors. Their friends everybody going did you see this. Did you see this. Did you see this. Every i promise you everyone. By the time this gives to the supreme court banned everyone in the world. Lord you say oh well you just accept the at then. Let me. just play devil's advocate. Because i wanna make sure. I understand this when you released absolute proof. It was the same thing in other words. You're you're putting it out there. Anybody can see just because anybody can see it. The hunter biden laptop. Anybody can see it. People don't wanna see it. They don't wanna look at it and it's like when galileo said just look through the telescope and you'll see what i see. They literally said to galileo. We refuse to look through your telescope. We don't want to see what you see. The evidence is there but there are people that just refused to look at it. They they did not cover the hundred biden laptop of didn't cover absolute proof because they refuse to look at it. We're well that's not true. One hundred fifty million people seen absolutely true now with this megaphone..

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