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Trend. Also, THEO Epstein had some thoughts. What I find interesting. Theo epstein. The head honcho with a scowl cubs was asked this question. He was asked is the workload to blame for morals injury. And THEO said. We had. Be careful on this year. Felt it after that. Outing in New York. We're going to stay away from that crazy game back. That's a lesson learned. Away from. What's going on in the game? Next year when he's down. Not be allowed to have spikes on. Get out there. It'd be really careful. So he didn't have medical support time year. So the thoughts there from THEO Epstein, very coy though, he answered that fifty three second to game fifty three seconds of that answer. I'm not gonna read in between the lines at any of that. I just I just think that it was an injury. That's really unfortunate with with Brenda moral and the cubs will do what the cubs have done all season. And that's trying to piecemeal this team together and figure it out. That's just as simple as I can put it. I mean, that's this is what the cubs have been all season where they just and and again, it's not out of the remote possibility for them to catch fire because we've seen this in baseball because that's how quirky baseball is. But I said at the time of the pickup of Murphy through waivers. I said. Daniel Murphy is a is a nice player for the cubs. But Bodey is a guy that I look forward for the future for the team. I look at a guy like Anthony Rizzo who's been up and down a hot and cold at some points this season. Kris Bryant coming off of the injury. He came through. And it contains the to come through for this cubs team because he when one for five at a couple of strikeouts in the game Zona yesterday. But the talent is there. I wanna make sure that it's very clear the talent. Is there for the cubs is in the National League is there for them to take. But they have to believe it themselves. I don't believe it, but they have to believe it themselves. And that's why the championship feeling that I had in may of this their World Series championship. And that's it. Yeah. You know, what they they have it? They are playing together. They're blessed with good health and the pitching seemed to come together. And it's just as much as I like guys like Montgomery and Lester and canton when he's right. It's up to the cubs to believe, that's the thing. I mean, I look at that National League, and I will tell you for talent standpoint. No one's more talent in the National League to me than the cubs. Because of the mixture of some young players are mostly veteran. Players that have been there and done that on this roster. And so on the flip side of that in the American League. There are teams like Oakland that got hot at the right time and Houston and Cleveland and Boston and the Yankees, Minnesota to a smaller extent. But those teams are teams that believe that's continue to roll. I look at this National League with a young Atlanta Braves team that bottomed out and got back to the top of the list of the National League yeast and then from there looking at the dodgers looking at the Rockies and how they played. And of course, the brewers they've kind of fallen back a little bit three and a half games behind the cubs in the National League central. So it's there for the cows. But it's up to them to to believe and start playing better and be able to have some sustained success get hot and move forward and have that momentum going into the playoffs. But they just they just hanging around. And again, you'll take the United sixty two cups team you you'll have your Cup span. You'll take that. First place in the National League central but even on the phone lines. Even amongst cub fans there isn't that same swagger there, isn't that chest puffed out about this cubs team as many have had last couple of seasons with this team. Because I think that the realistic Cup fan. Also sees yeah. You can win the National League. But but what can you do in the World Series? If you get there can they be able to establish momentum. That's the big question. Let's do tales from the hood..

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