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Correct artist and title that is five points. Once we're done with four categories. Four songs, we will enter the rapid fire round. That is as many songs as you can get in 30 seconds and whoever has the most points at the end of those five rounds. Will be the special Drew saves. Christmas, Jacob, Stoop Box Jeopardy champion. Oh, my God. I'm so nervous. You got everything, Jacob. You You feel like you got your hand on it when you know the song. You just You say your name. All right, Jacob. Right, Right. Right. Right. So prominent on word, the categories again. I missed the first one. That's okay. We've got two thousand's pop punk classic rock from the set from the seventies and eighties jock jams or 1979 billboard top hits. These are tough to him. I'll go with the 2000 pop punk. Wow. All right, right. I'm John Brennan's wheelhouse to start this baby. All right, so, John, once you know it, John. You'll ring in with John Jacob. You're ringing with Jacob John sending will play the clip. In three Two. One. John John Jake. Oceans Avenue Yellow card. All right, e just wanted one. That's all I needed. I hate to be that guy. Is it Ocean Avenue or is it ocean? Come on its ocean Avenue. I mean, I'm just checking you were gonna sticklers. Okay. All right. That's five points for John Brennan. Yes. If we're accepting incorrect spelling. Yeah. Wait, what? He sided with those avenue. But allow it. I was ball busting your call. No. Call here. Well, I don't know what your boss well, our okay, John. That means you will pick the next category. We've got classic rock from the seventies and eighties jock jams or 1979. Billboard top. It's I'm gonna I'm gonna keep it simple. Let's go. Classic Rock rock the program, Doctor, the eagle. Here we go. Okay, Jacob, get ready. Ring in when you know it. John YouTube. John setting will play the clip for a classic rock in three. 21. Jon Jon Soltz, the swing dire straits Whoa, man, I take it. You're still there, right? Just checking on your still there and awake and everything All right? Yeah, that's not fair. These are my well. Hell here. All right, Jacob, You're down, 10. Nothing. Don't worry. Still plenty of game left. We got two rounds before the rapid fire. Right, John? Yes, Yes. Jacob, your turn to pick a category. What's he got? John? You've got jock jams or 1979. Billboard top. It's I'm jock jams. Jock jams. It is Ringing with your name three. 21 begin. For Naughty by Okay, now that was about what I'm saying..

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