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Own ladies and gentlemen under the sound of my voice with listen if you were late tune into this show. No wherever you know the diva and the plan within the next hour our to visit entire live episode will be published into a podcast so that you can listen to this show show in this entirety because we really shared some awesome valid points in some life. Jewels That every woman or meal that has been on the receiving end the habitual cheater could use downhills. y'All to do you know what there's GonNa be a party to own the land that never be apart to but you guys. I need your help after my listening audience. Listen Looked me up on facebook. I engage gauge daily. And you'll get a little bit more my personality and I guess your you will come to your own conclusion on how Iraq that the term Diva uh-huh so on face will is at true diva speaks one instagram. It is d the speaks official and listen As I talked about earlier I am gearing towards being able to shoot a live podcast with a full audience here at the view on the war. So if you definitely local in the point city Continue to participate and let me know you can reach out to me a D. The speaks official At DOT com. Now listen just because I gave you that tidbit of information now all you cycled plas- out there. Don't try against it. Don't try it because we didn't we. David concierge team and a security security team now threesies Hispanic husband so try keeping calm keeping hugh killed. Keep It on mute so then is the goal to be able to shoot on live episodes with an audience so that we can engage and have something local for the Queen. City will weaken all talking -ticipant in the conversation in real time. And if you would like to help me to get to the goal because the goal is to purchase the type of equipment at that will allow me to do so patron become a patron of speaks podcast and you can do so my clicking on my profile and I'm I'm clicking on the league patron and committing to a monthly pledge amount or one time donation so that we can expeditiously get the goal of being able to shoot a life podcast with you guys. I would love to meet you face to face. I would love to talk about some of the issues that speak to what Eh. The relationship culture and climate is today and this talk about how the dating pool is trash and this brings some single people together in my head. Some single people together you know so. I have a lot of exciting ideas for you guys and definitely I would. I love your continued support support by subscribing support by sharing your favorite podcast episode with your friends and your family on your social media pages. Call call somebody up and tell them. Hey I found this great new extent exciting relationship quite as Zeba speaks out of Charlotte North Carolina. A will to take listen. Listen to it and this woman is doing wonderful things that she also wants to make it a live talk show so guys I love you so much and all of the Dr there are under got all under the sound of my voice happy New Year and a a New Year be filled with more than potential possibility. And that everything that your heart's desire are you are capable of manifesting that it you know concentration and The the speaks wants to be a part of your life. Wants to be a part of your. Your conversation definitely wants to be in your podcast rotation so until the next time much love breath. Happy New Year and the diva spoke diva speaks. PODCAST is the premier relationship podcast. That explicitly deals as with relationship matters from a woman's point of view no subject is off limits relationship challenges sex intimacy dating infidelity finances. Part break and situation ships are all part of the discussion. Your relationship matters..

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