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You. Need is good wifi? Like, you said good, wifi and Amazon web services account and. You got a business go. And so I think that they should start businesses. That's the best way to learn. This job is by being an entrepreneur. And and my final question, what is it that, you know, about venture capital investing today that you wish you knew fifteen years ago, or so when you again started I I wish I appreciated more how much this was an apprenticeship business, right? How much you've gotta learn from people, and you've gotta you've gotta sit there, and and sort of really it's it's hard to do this unless you've been an entrepreneur and have lots of domain expertise. But, but but going through the typical channels you've got to learn from somebody else, you can't read books about this. You can't watch shark tank and come away as as VC you've got to learn from other people and then by asking questions, you know, so so was that a good or a bad company and having those questions asked to you and develop that that gut in that that that that insight and intuition around around what makes a good founder and what what's what's the right business opportunity? A lot of that's got to be sure you've got to be shown the way or shown a handful of examples on how to do it because every VC's a little different. But I think that that most of us is you talked about from sort of business mentors. We learned how we approach these from from other people not from books or from classes quite fascinating, we have been speaking with David hall. He is a partner at the rise of the rest seed fund part of revolution partners. If you enjoy this conversation. Well, be sure and look up an intra down and.

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