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Do enjoy those american commercials early centers what you did for me so yes this when did we set this up is rather time before yeah yeah so i have this digital antenna that's it's taped up in one of my in my son's bedroom in his window because he's after college he doesn't care so it's in there and it has a coaxial cable coming off of it goes into the hd homerun which then goes into the wired network that funnels into a mac mini but it's no maybe twenty fifteen it's recent and mac mini terms but down in my basement and that just serves as the plex server and you have the ability to log into that and watch live tv in chicago from rome italy so yeah that's what i do i watch american events thanks to john so thank you john that's really kind of you might i peak it's it's not a video app it's not a game i mean it's got a video feed but it's not a you know it doesn't let me watch tv shell too it's a home chem and it's the apple tv version of an us utd that connects to home kit cameras and allows you to watch video feeds from your home key cameras without having to use the apple home app and i like this because by default both in us on tv of course where it's most effective because of the big display home cam brings up this dashboard so the main view is a great view with these alive updating video tiles from your multi.

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