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He go over the last fifty years there's only been twenty five players nineteen or younger who have had even fifty at bats in a season so it almost never happens at this age here's a swing nfl tip strike too fifty years only twenty five guys who basically one every other year at this age gets even fifty at bats in a season sotos already done that and some of those guys on that list bryce harper ken griffey mike trout arod robin yount some of the great players in history here's a ball inside fastball definitely missed it's three and two harper had the best of all of those hitters in terms of the ps offensive sir shorthand number on base plus slugging soto swings hits one foul of all of those players over the last fifty years harper had an eight seventeen opie s one sotos is at nine eighty seven now as he plays probably not gonna remain at that level although who knows but it it just gives you an idea you're talk about some of the most talented young players in the history of the game and he is on pace to have an historically great year he swings here and it's another foul count still full three and two he was in low a ball a month ago and here he is playing every day for the nationals giants nothing that's nothing runner at first nobody out in the second play soto straight up he's not had any real strong pulled tendencies he lines this one toward left centerfield database it dance comes over and plays it on a ballots he'll throw it in toward third back to back singles for the net fills in there you have a great example of why this kid is so special to strike approach against a left handed pitcher leaves a pitch up but away and he just goes with it got that shorter swing with two strikes as a very special talent nationals who have developed some star talent these last few years between harper and strasbourg in and you might put trade turner in that category homegrown very high level players well their next guy is right in front of.

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