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The game or ebbed planning and i just don't know is so apparently what one player didn't and whether the coach make upset make him made him sit or the player didn't want to get up i mean okay enough i i don't know what are you gonna do what he wanted to do you wanna what do you wanna do would you want to um you want to take away the coaches house i mean he going to be come on i you know i it's i you know this isn't new though erin you're a huge baseball player a pro baseball fan i remember the town i grew up with in in and if any was out there they'll recall this i i don't like you know makes you feel like you're talking about glory days but i grew up in a very athletic tell swamps get massachusetts maltau north of boston had outstanding sports it was because of coaches like stand bond alleged dick lynch eldorado he some of the coaches i had a uh coach cassidy i mean i just had some of the best coaches you could ever prayer dream for they'd these get they would just a great date that so many hours a dedication and time they they were getting paid fort and our little league i was like nine or ten i made the majors i uh the team ironically earned was the yankees in the division and we went to the states we with the state's and you know the coaches wanted to win we wanted to win and it wasn't like one hundred percent perfect democracy i mean some kids just be honest with you they may be weren't is good at second base or hitting is another player but you know the coaches rotated as much as possible but i've ever the parents used to get on the coaches like if their little if they're johnny are mikey didn't get the play or start but they didn't make the team coaches took heed all the time they even at a draft in our town where you know they'd have the trial and then difficult which is drafted different players and if one coach i remember this if one coach drafted his own kid all boy i remember that back then the coach took heat because you know he drafted is kid to play for the the angels because you probably wanted to coach's kid yeah i'm just saying you wonder.

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