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Secretaries they stay treasurer in US Senate and so we know that. The people of Wisconsin. At least. We're good Evan. Question is how much they were leaned. And how much they need. The implements by what has happened clearly. The Republicans have done everything they can to Gerrymander jury rig. The elections of this state But what they have done this week. In fact this last twenty four hours is so shocking so jarring That one would hope that people will remember and I think that's that's part of our duty in this time for students to keep our stuff. Oh and our second duty is to survive this economic crash And to make sure that that our communities the same our third duty is to protect democracy and to make sure that our civic democratic lights are bind. So that when this gun we can elect leaders. Who Will Care for us But our forth duty. I mean related to that third one is to take names to a member who let us down who exploited us in this time and to hold onto account and I can tell you I as a writer commentator in GonNa GonNa do that. I'm not going to forget what the State Supreme Court with the US Supreme Court. And what these legislators did it is. Unconscionable to ask grandmothers on the north side of Milwaukee get up before dawn and to get on a bus into ride through the city burning to wait in line for hours to cast a ballot amidst pandemic John. Before I let you go One thing that I've been reading about as been and this is a phenomenon. That's not just happening in Milwaukee it's happening in Tapping in Louisiana. I believe I think it's happening in Detroit. We obviously don't have a Full set of data on on these On on this but Propublica has a piece about early data. That shows that almost half of Milwaukee's counties almost a thousand cases and eighty one percent of its twenty seven deaths in account are African Americans and this is a population the county. The population is twenty six percent. Black do you have a sense of what accounts for that? Yeah a look. There's a lot of things and I'm not a public health expert. So I'll I'll put that up front but We have seen an underfunding of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County in recent years by other states certainly during the Walker years though though Scott Walker former governor was from Milwaukee County. He.

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