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Sure. Locke makes us even They have another fish off. Okay, Points line stays out. 10 5 overtimes shots for Boston. The annulment point point wins it again. Bogosian CenterPoint shooting over the net rebound is played by McAvoy McAvoy slowed up by cerulean Point, a steal Left circle's great point. Bogosian shoots wide, right? Bottoming. Donna left certain Annette Cirelli looks to center in Parlin Hall takes it away. Right side. Coolman deflected beyond the red line. That is an icing. So the lightning apply a little bit of pressure on this Bruins fourth line of Lynn Home, Nordstrom and Coolman and they get the ice and call but I went over the neck because it got deflected. I noticed him. Ghozi and shot Noma Stay out for the draw against good road of the right of a lock on is one of the Bruins this time jokey Nordstrom pedals to center ice beyond the red line. Negative to get to it in the near corner near sighted turn, act under four minutes left in the first overtime past Mrs Coleman. It's all right, Grizzly the other way past the middle block. Blake Coleman gobbles it up. Rattle it in for Barkley. Good, good road trying to keep this alive. The great circle. Sweeps. Two gored behind that gorgeous tech psychotic, lifted door trying to get it on a stick and keep it away from Bergeron Bergeron of Steel, but he couldn't clear holding search at what point shot blocked rebound. Federal shoes, Miss mine rate here's Marsh and looking to clear it. We'll feed birds, right? Not Andrei Kostitsyn. Passion knuckleballs in end. Having it right back. Those play, Coleman escaped the red line. Lob it in on his back behind the Bruins. That pocket is they're trying to find help out in front corn provide support behind the net. Corn wins the puck Great circle. Lauren holds Lauren wheels and shoots deflected off the side of the net by pocket. We met again in the near corner jostling with Bergeron. Riz lick and pocket their two under three minutes left in the first overtime to our store counter. Clifton trying to get the fuck out could held in Johnson. CenterPoint Rando protect Bergeron. And Jacob Ross will look to count the birds around at center. Ice will maneuver it in that offer change. He bumps for shot Kirk in an airport or under pressure from the brusque John Kirk gets away. Sweeps the headman. Tough past gets on his forehand, though, and deals to point rating point from center back today, Lightning starting to find their legs a little bit a little bit more. You're right. Here comes Tory through the other way. Left wing creature Is that a whale of a game tonight? Little pasta? Not exactly. Across the blunt Cirelli intercepts and clears. It's alive in the neutral zone for plot job for point tops it in. But crude is there to retreat with 2 10 left in the first overtime. Who launches this up the middle postion across the blue line, get closed up by McDonnell who takes it away? Maybe gonna pin your boards and Sara Lee To plot its center with your lot things it inboard pursues it to the near corner couldn't get away from back of oil feet. Group Recruit Right Wing Creature Center. Nice pass 100 York. Across the lighting line, Randall poke check and it's out of his own. I get centre Grizzly chips it back in turn had that Pope check Internet Has the puck back here, Right Wing plotted center ice bangs it in with a minute. 40 left in the first overtime to to the score. Grizzly left me under your feet in the middle of stolen by Barkley. Good room, tapping too far in front of him. Grizzly takes it away and spends two toilets and rice oil will chop it in. 23 left in the first overtime basket. Good road. Bump it back. Turn it turn. It shot it out of play. I'm guessing because the camera didn't show it, but it looks like I was not a nice thing. 1 18 left in the first overtime. We play on tidy, too. Good roads. Good opportunity. You just missed in that. And then a little redirection by pocket. Good job by Sierra Leone. Pasternak boy. On the back check. It wasn't mutual zone face of Linda wins it. Brenda Karloff, the right wing passed a nice cut up by caloric, but he couldn't get it deep into the Bruins, and instead, Carson Pullman will punch it to the lighting zone. Slides pocket behind it a little past blocked by Coleman. But it finds us taking head may have been under pressure had been just lodge isn't far side for corn. You didn't get this out. Anyone lifted to center ice. Tara knocks it down and flutters it back in. John Kirk hangs it out. Here's Lauren, picking it up across the lawyer what was waiting for an off the block goes out of play. Are you kidding me? He waited. He loved to pass his way that look at that. I mean, it's like 2 FT. Away From that dot The faceoff dot left and shot perfect opportunity. To shoot and this guy can shoot 44.6 seconds left.

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