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Well Urban is much more of a scatback type. He's not big they run like five streams. He's more of a returned man. Meanwhile Dexter Williams. He's more of your traditional running back but schneidman has said he has struggled to catch the football and practice and on top of that he blew a block that led to a block punked last week. So they don't trust him in pass-pro or as a receiver. So they've never really hurting there at the position again, if this game stays as is they might not be dead. The play Aaron Jones, but they also might not have a choice but to play Aaron Jones. So if I had to pick one of these guys presuming Jones doesn't play my preference would be for urban. Got it. Okay. Keep an eye on the status of that one was hard as well. By the way, Matt LaFleur said this week. He thinks was artist close to coming back from his core muscle injury. Oh, okay interesting. Very interesting. All right, let's get to some of this Sunday 1:00 games will start with the Giant and George Washington. You know, I am not sure his fantasy worthy Joe. I think Wayne gallman looks decent. Yeah computer has you know, he's one of those guys the Goldman when he came out of college, I as a prospect I was like, you know, he's not flashy but he does all he does all the things that he does well or pretty obvious he runs hard he pass protects and he catches the football. Those are the things he does. Well so he can get he can get it done a little bit there and and frankly, I mean, I don't know what maybe they go back to Devonte Freeman if Devonta Freeman's available, but I consider gallman kind of a dog. when Darby to if Devonta Freeman doesn't go anything else for the Giants or else Washington Sterling Shepard has kind of taken over in my mind. The number one fantasy receiver here off over Darius Slayton Daniel Jones has I think at times he's looked real. He's almost like Carson Wentz right now, you know you watch the plays where he doesn't make a completely boneheaded turn over. Okay, this guy looks pretty good. And then the other plays it looks like he's actively trying to turn the football over. So Daniel Jones is not not really a fantasy option right now. Washington's defense is pretty good though on the back end they are exploitable. I think throwing Shepherds a wide receiver three and given the state of the tight end position, even though he hasn't produced Big Numbers Evan engram I think is like second in in tight end targets. He's probably thought you just have to have in your lineup at this stage moving on Washington coming off of the body. I didn't do anything at the trade deadline, you know, it's weird cuz they've got McClure. Logan Thomas Antonio Gibson, I mean they've got some guys that are worth at least talking about. Yeah, they do Antonio Gibson is an rb2 all the way. He's got some physicality to them. I think that's something you expected from a guy who was a converted wide receiver, but he absolutely has some physicality to him. So Antonio Gibson's him a running back to Kyle Allen probably not on the streaming radar Terry McCormick catch a shadow from James Bradberry in this game. That's a problem for him. And again, like I said Logan Thomas coming off by he's there kind of their de facto. Number two receiver here Rob Gronkowski scored a touchdown against the Giants and not to compare Logan Thomas to Rob Gronkowski, but I think that Logan Thomas is somebody who you can plug and play use for DFS. I think he's going to be somebody who could get seven eight targets from from Los Alamos you.

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