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Silver diner Now at ten 28 traffic and weather on the 8s Rita Kessler in the traffic center Well if you're on the beltway the outer loop top side of the beltway the delay is from New Hampshire avenue headed around toward Georgia avenue This is the mobile work crew in the left lane Interloop delays remain back at branch avenue solid headed past two ten and two 95 Looking better once you get on to the Woodrow Wilson bridge all the early interactivity in the local lanes has been cleared to the delays easing back slowly You're still going to need to give yourself some extra time If you're getting into the delay around branch avenue Now if you're going to be on the suitland Parkway inbound after Alabama avenues where we're seeing a bit of a delay watch for either work or a crash You'll also find delays coming from I two 95 onto the inbound 11th street bridge The ramp to the 11th street bridge from northbound two 95 the right lane was blocked with a broken down dump truck but the delay continues onto the westbound freeway headed all the way to the case bridge North capital street near crit industry to report of Iraq on the Roosevelt bridge watch for the work in both directions In Maryland northbound New Hampshire at Maryland 200 the ICC the crash in the center of the roadway Also on the Baltimore Washington Parkway southbound starting in greenbelt headed all the way inside the beltway to New York avenue is a mobile tree crew In the left lane getting across the bay bridge wind warnings and effect but it doesn't carry any vehicle restrictions also eastbound 100 near Coca-Cola drive the emergency mobile pothole repair on the right side And east Randolph wrote a tamarack road that was a crash involving an overturned vehicle in Virginia on the George Washington Parkway northbound at turkey run a report of a work zone but not seeing a backup Take an easy free online assessment about your home's energy use get personalized energy tips and claim free energy saving products from watching gas get started at Washington gas dot com slash profile I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic And the forecast now from Michelle Grossman Mostly cloudy breezy mild today A few showers possible but most of The Rain holds off until this evening Heisman depper 60s Tonight wet warm and very windy.

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