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Cold air. well we got a scandal right here in Arizona a high school scandal a sports scandal if you will and you know I just kind of caught wind of this late yesterday. and it seems that Tom. it seems that there is a coach his name is Justin Hager Phoenix mountain point coach. and he was an assistant coach from what I understand he leaked game plans to opposing coaches for at least two years whoa he sent them images of plays. for at least two years so I mean think about it for a second your kid is playing a sport right. your kid goes out there and gets totally dominated. and your skew no maybe this was a year or two ago and you kind of scratching your head like some kind of stuck there maybe well it seems that this assisting coach was sending other teams their plays who was plain who wasn't going to play like in active players that kind of stuff so say you shouldn't well they they don't need right now I mean listen the Arizona Cardinals are gonna play the Carolina Panthers okay this Sunday it be like the Panthers coach you know sending Ron Rivera yeah it's sending cliff Kingsbury all the place and here's who's gonna plane here's who's on the I. R. cliff Kingsbury uses it. and they just squash Carolina well see that's interesting too did that mountain point get squashed all those years do they they go like in six oh one eight there were more there were definitely times when they got there they got okay locks clean I mean I'm gonna give you a couple times because in a second we'll talk about. why would someone sabotage their own team. okay so February twenty seven twenty eighteen this coach at Phoenix mountain point shared information about the strategy for the state championship game with pinnacle head varsity basketball coach Charlie wild and mount point loss to pinnacle by sixteen the next day. let's see November fifth twenty eighteen play images were sent to the Chandler high school head football coach Sean guano and the assistant coach and mount point loss to Chandler forty nine twenty one in the championship quarterfinal sounds like this coach for mount point was waiting until his team was in you know we're in the playoffs or was was near the champion okay and he sent all this and only would send it well I mean that's at least two that I that I have come up well the district is somebody found hundreds of these emails and what's interesting is a happen for two years right B. R. how many coaches knew we didn't say anything how many coaches use this information verses didn't use the information. and then why would this guy do it okay what it what do you think he did it why would he sabotaged his own school the it's gonna be sour grapes or he's just to be a jerk well the only thing that I can think of is why would you go to that extreme to sabotage something that you're involved with like a company or a sports team or whatever you either want to position that they didn't give you or you have got it out for the head guy in charge or somebody on that team that you hate so much you are willing to do the unthinkable you are willing to turn turn cold Benedict Arnold whatever whatever you and you know all the names who you know any spy in history you go against a country commit treason against your own team because you either think you're a better coach or maybe this guy you just don't like and you want to be gone but they're not gonna fire what I hate about the story most is this is high school and kids trust their coaches. I mean when I was in high school and I played we trust our coaches. and that that's happened you know that's happening we kids now you trust their coaches and this guy just sold them out and you've got a feel for these kids because these kids today now are finding out what did they did they really miss out on championships and all that because of the games that's not my point I mean my point really is if you're a kid and you trust your coach and you go out there and you want to go to war you wanna play for your coach and then today you find out what your coach did it's heartbreaking for a kid yeah it really is because Austin an adult and needed told screwed you but I guess what I'm saying is it can can somebody bring a lawsuit against this guy saying there's a direct link between us losing a championship for us losing whatever I don't know how to talk I know the kids feel I'm just talking about how the kids well that's what I'm saying if I'm a kid and I'm like Hey mom and dad this happened so you're talking with heroin yeah can the parent say Hey look you cost might get a scholarship you cost him you know a future in the you know in the college let you know whatever I don't know I don't know how you punish this guy now he's resigned he says he's going to take another opportunity which by the way I don't believe but I mean this guy could go coach somewhere else maybe out of state right now you can is there a is there a national like list that you blacklist this guy I yeah right word of mouth which is probably. well again there's so many coaches in so many districts I wonder if this guy's going to resurface in some other state may be doing the same I don't know I don't get it you know just as bad as this guy the coaches who took the information and actually used and then used it now because I think you could really injury kit let me give an example let's say that this coach Justin Hager okay Phoenix mountain point right and he leaks the game plan which we've seen over these hundreds of emails you leave the game plan to sign some other team we're not the name of just another team right that team are the head coach gets the information. and then one way or another feeds it to his kids his players the players now on the field know exactly what their opponent is going to do it so let's say you've got a running back and you hear the quarterback announced the put you know the play for twenty five yeah then the defense knows what's coming right because everything's been leaked right they know or run is coming so you've got all those big office a defensive lineman aware there's gonna going trying hit the kid is going to get the ball the nose get the ball you know who's going to get the ball you're a target that it's easier to target yeah and I just I can't imagine that this coach I know we did it because it's pretty obvious but I don't know what goes through that guy's mine because he's putting kids it at at harm for it for real injuries. if you know what the other team is going to do. and apparently a lot of the stories a lot of the kids from Phoenix mountain point would go back to the bench and just say coach they know every play that'll get it we know what we're doing we can we just went three and out this was a disaster running they knew it then they went back on the field coach we went three and out it was a disaster they know what we're doing what's going on and there's gonna be a lot of frustration a lot of bitterness I'm sure I I don't know what you can do as far as a punishment for this guy okay resigned he left the city has another opportunity but there's there's gotta be some thing and I've heard this before from other parents that have kids in in these days it's really kind of the wild wild west you can't stop a guy from moving out of state doing the same thing you can't stop them unless there is a criminal act is there a criminal act here I don't care what I don't know if there's anything illegal right so far I have not heard anything I mean but what a bag you screwed kids over you put in harm's way you basically change the outcome of these games Bruce and Pamela today had the father of three boys who went to mountain point and played on the football team David Hino hoser let's listen what he had to say about will parents sued in hearing some of the parents speak there sounds like that could happen it's definitely on the table I think their parents in general because you know we we put our voice through a lot it expressly being at mount point nationally ranked team they got to go through trainings and different sessions and we're constantly getting them with you know supplement everything that it takes. them for this that the football games and to to have that happen is is just it's mind blowing and and I think that parents are still trying to process it they're trying to make sense of why but at the same time they're upset with the coaches that didn't say anything yeah I think the coaches who took the information they're a lot there a lot of names in this report they should all be fired you know you take the information and you use it right his high school football I know you can really use that and there are some coaches that said I'm not I'm not even looking at this they just deleted a door into the email and said now we're gonna go out and you know there I go I'm sorry it took two years though to figure this out or something or a guy from what Vegas a coach from Vegas contacted somebody at the school district and say look this is what I have and they did an investigation two years crazy crazy it is and and you know what I mean I'm very competitive I like to win at everything you know I I I'm always been that way that way losing stinks okay but a loss. is is one thing a loss when you find out your own coach. sabotage right is a totally different right different it's one thing to steal steal signs in the moment or figure out the play in the moment that's another when you game plan knowing what the place that's awful all right we'll talk a little bit more about this later but coming up next what is it okay to cheer the villains in politics next..

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