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Welcome back to the takeaways edition of the biggest nation. Podcast tidy thing. Here with former raiders offensive. Tackle lincoln kennedy and also current hosts and author got a book coming out but yes in the huddle the book coming out. Tell us a little bit about the book. Lincoln all gutierrez's and i worked on this project for some time. It's been sort of a baby in the making if you will Been asked many a time to do something about my time. The raiders and just guide kinda shied away from it. Because i wanna share anybody's personal business as you know. Sometimes you look into these boats people expected all and then he was just telling your perspective so we we kind of geared it around and took the personal effect of what it means to be a writer and it's different for every guy we talk every person we talked it has a different meaning it special in its own way and we want to share that with the audience. I really do think we did a good job at telling the stories of what happened on my tenure with the raiders. How i got their time. They're playing for gruden Playing against gruden. I mean all those things like that. So i think we conquer that chats and i'm i'm open a fence feel the same when it comes out. Paul has been very reserved about letting any in the nuggets from the book. Getaway number two talk with him and media rooms but he's very tight lipped online. Any of the nuggets outside. I can't wait to see this book. I'm gonna make sure that. I get a copy. Pick it up I wanted to get into what you know. Best on the field offensive linemen and particularly. You know where. I'm going with this. Alex leatherwood What do you make of. The younger. That they brought in from alabama. I was really excited about the parents. I didn't think we're gonna get Might i actually thought he was gonna go to the chargers. Go ahead i think the twelfth or something like that but i remember cable cable. Alcott's mine coach talking with him a few years back any kind of put other on my radar. He told me about him. His plane in alabama. And i was one of the things that i love about. Alex is that i told him that when i told him this when i had a chance to talk to him. Interview is that. It looks like he enjoys beating people up. And that's that's what you want out of an offense alarm you know. I don't care about anything. I just want to beat people up. I just want to beat you up. I just want to beat everyone. That's wearing the same uniform as you up. i want. i want to do it and have fun doing it. And he was at versatile player who played every position on the awkward correspondence suffer center during his time in alabama and did it at a high level and for him to fall to our place fall to our pick without having a trade or have given anything up. I saw i thought it was honestly was a godsend. Because he's a day one starter in one of the biggest blemishes that this offense his head even success started working for the raiders was at right tackle. They found the you know they found her. Let's appalachian they took everything else. They had where you went ahead. Rob you hudson. Gave jackson everything at all live together but it was right tackle and i thought trent brown was going to answer that that calling but he didn't play enough to actually calling and so now you had to move on but you know what that means said.

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