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I know we take this stuff for granted, and we've done it with Brady for years. We're probably in the process of doing it with Aaron Rodgers out Got it Looks like he's 25 years old, which he does, but he's not 25 there. There is a finite window while he obviously has You would think you know, five or six of the stays healthy and wants it the way Brady wants it to keep his body right. He's got, you know, 456 maybe more years. If he's surrounded by great players to be really, really good. What's interesting is, you know the way the contract is set up his. He has an out. He's got three years to go, but he's got an immediate out. And you know this little thing in the corner of the room. They still did Draft Jordan love. I mean, how is this thing resolved here seriously, if he's still playing Right. You can't not play him. Now they're taking his many runs is they can it feels like, um at that. The Super Bowl? Um you know, it was surprising this offseason when they drafted Jordan love as opposed to a wide receiver, but as well as we've seen it, maybe they didn't actually need a wide receiver. They were actually pretty good right now, and that receiving room in and in their tight end room with Tanya, Who's that? A great year touchdown wise, at least and so. Um, you know, I don't know how this is going to play itself out. And Rogers has no idea how this is gonna play itself out. All he can do is control which which? Right now, um, I think it's acid 92. Even consider moving on from him. Agreed. But I mean, you never know with any of these teams. It's so confusing. What the with the thought processes for some of these squads, especially, you know, Green Bay where they drafted a quarterback. It was literally the last thing you need it. Yeah, that was really that was a head scratcher didn't get it that way. You and I were actually doing a national draft show. When that happened were like perplexing almost didn't even know how to give commentary. I was just stunned. Well, yeah, it's not again. It's not about not liking this. This kid. Matter all it just what? That's what you needed. I don't think so. Now it was an odd fit given where he is, which is in stark contrast to where brought Brett Farve wasn't you know that And that's the thing. It's easy to say to try to lump it into like, you know, one swooping brush, you know, Farve slash Rogers Dean and worthy for Rogers, the approaching somewhat approaching the end of his tenure into India in Green Bay. But far is less three years. They weren't winning. He had a foreign 12 season at one point that obvious that last year I believe they were 13 3 on a 500 season in between, but they had one really rough season and the statistics were really Not very good. He had basically four more touchdowns than pick 66 touchdowns to 62 picks those those last last couple of seasons plus four and that while they were clamoring form based out of sentiment, the fan base, no doubt. He's our guy He plays every week we way. So what he did on Monday night football. The date of this, you know when his dad passed away against the Raiders when he threw all those touchdowns in the honor, his pops and You know, with Packer fans have seen a walk back from the abyss with pain killers and some missteps is a young player. You know, young person is a bit of a wild child like they love Brett Farve, so there was a motion that was fueling Those phone calls into sports radio back then, this is just common sense. Yeah. Baron Rogers is twice as good if not three times as good as Brett Farve was at the end. I wonder, and I don't know the answer to this, but I wonder if Roger's seen Tom Brady going play for a different team. Maybe freeze up of different part of his brain. May I don't know. Hey, listen, we all remember he was sitting in that green room. We all know he wanted to go first, with Alex Smith going first to his hometown Niners coming from cow right up the road. I don't know. There's there are part of their and Rogers that maybe deep in the deepest recesses of his mind says You know what? Maybe I do have a plan and I bounce and I play somewhere else for a couple years. Maybe, but I don't think I don't think he's planning that. I mean, it would be like, obviously highly speculative, but I think I think he's gonna leave it up to the Packer to decide what they want to do with him. And look, we know that when he's not there anymore, it's gonna be a precipitous drop you be play. Now. They might still be able to win some games and be viable and even gets the postseason cause they do have a really good run game. And they've drafted well there, and I think their defense is obviously it's it's much it's significantly better than it's ever been in the early parts of Aaron Rodgers is career But at the same time, I mean, you're losing Aaron Rodgers was one of the greats. That's all you need to say. You're losing one of the greats ever like how you You can't compare really any of these young quarterbacks to a guy like Aaron Rodgers. So Um, I think if he does get pushed out, so to speak, um, because he still has what three years left on his deal on three years ago, but he's got an out believe it's after one. I don't think he will voluntarily leave. I agree. But I do disagree a little bit on that he will be willing to sit back and allow the Packers to navigate his future. I don't think he's that kind of person now, Brett Farve to me. You know is is a little different, You know, not that Rogers isn't married to the community. He loves it. But again, it was. It was just with the bread. It was a little more visceral because Brett was the bread gave you more is a person like you knew. Now Rogers is opens up with McAfee, His buddy and You know, he said some interesting things. I'm not saying he he conceals. Everything is like a robot is not stone face. But Brett Farve was guard down. Whatever he was thinking you knew, and that resonates with fans. We appreciate that, so I think there's a much more and the reason I say that is because I believe I believe I can. I don't know it, but I believe that there was more of a willingness with Brett. Kind of write it out as long as possible, even to the detriment of his own feelings or the team. Where's I think Rogers is playing chess more in that department is going to sit around, say, I wonder what they're gonna do with May Lodge is going to say, I believe and if you don't want I've gone, He also can't revise what would happen. What was going on with bread Farm bred far was talking openly about retiring in a couple of times, so they had they had to, like, have a contingency plan. And then he just never wanted to retire. It was like, all right, we got our contingency plan. But come on, Brett, What the hell you doing, eh, So he made it tough on. He made it tough. Aaron Rodgers isn't making it tough. So this is nothing to tell because number one. He's a lot better than Bret was at this stage, but I really just don't think that Maybe I'm totally off. I mean, I'm not saying he doesn't love Green Bay. I'm sure he does. But I just feel like There's a part of him that's more receptive to change if it has to, like more pragmatic and less emotional. Yeah, that makes sense. Maybe in navigating his Packers future, Maybe, but it's hard. It's hard to read and write. But it really is called the radio signal that they're not..

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