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Reminded me some some people's businesses. It's a serious business not as time so some business it'll go on and if it's a really entertaining pitch they can get core of a million people looking up their website that night but if it's like like a cramp pitch or it's edited in such a way the come across his idiots they might not get anything or it might not even a pair on T._v.. It'll so it's it's it's really tricky to Kinda gauge it. Obviously it's great P._R.. But if you go on dragons den purely for the P._R.. You're just GONNA get in trouble because you literally have to sign documents say I am not doing this for Free P._R.. They legitimate business thing because if everyone just went on for Free P._R.. It would just be really frustrating. Straightening full dragon people he didn't have a clay and and I guess you need the numbers and the figures and everything tobacco up yeah open yes idea so you couldn't fake it just to go on yeah exactly exactly. Did they give you any advice. During the steps APPs the when you're giving your pitch and stuff like that before you did the actual in front of the dragons. Did they tell you think take stuff out. Put stuff in say that yes so it's fairly heavily modified what even from when I arrived at the studio to why no I actually pitched so does all the numbers and is the three minute pitch and you practice that to death and that's pretty much all wrapped up ahead of time because m fourteen is entertainment company that I mentioned that so in fourteen we make dating people and we make social people and I thought it would be a great idea to make dragon dating so they all get given an IPAD and they can match with each other than the production team with like Dante. That's awful. They said it in a very polite way. No show that will play well on TV and like a couple of days beforehand that would have been awful. Can you imagine watching the dragons all like swiping on each other and it would be just want to sit there and twelve. They're paying around yeah exactly so so in the end I went in. I'm one of the other people to go into them without a prompt the whole reason why I've got in if you watch the pitch back there's this giant T._v.. Screen that's basically there because otherwise I have nothing nothing has been made to look like a smartphone yeah TV that looks like a giant smartphone and it just shows like screen shots but that's purely that because otherwise I would not be holding anything so there was even discussion of me just walking holding an IPAD to be like look technology down and then stop doing my pitch so does everybody does. Everybody have to have a prop daily or looks much nicer because it's more interesting than just those standing there on iheartradio somewhere. I haven't seen at least one pro at laced Tevita Yeah. It just makes it slightly more interesting plus. You've got a shelf where you can put stuff and I went in there with one inch thick folder of Judy elections documents. I spent so long not <music> every every trademark. We've got every business deal we've got all of our profit and loss balance-sheets and by didn't use it once and I was slightly annoyed Dina Seal my working out no okay then fine. I guess you just trust I find because they just want to have in your head..

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