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Bomb inside of an indian restaurant in mississauga ontario this happened late last night the peel regional police say the bombers walked into the bombay bell indian restaurant detonated their device and fled surveillance video showing the men wearing jeans and dark coloured hoodies they had their faces covered at least fifteen people were wounded among those injured those three people that suffered critical injuries ontario authorities are not calling this terrorism they say they don't know what the motive was to people were hurt and a gunman was killed by a man with a gun a good samaritan and a crowded oklahoma city restaurant here's correspondent clayton double police say that after shooting a woman and young girl the gunman walked down signed the restaurant and was shot by a man in the parking lot who realized what was happening oklahoma city police captain boma th use a citizen did have a weapon had a handgun and he pulled out his handgun and shot the suspect matthew says more than one hundred witnesses were inside the restaurant or being questioned the two patrons shot or expected to be okay i'm clayton neville harvey weinstein expected to turn himself in new york on sexual assault allegations coming from the city of new york here's melissa rainey sexual misconduct allegations catching up to disgrace hollywood producer harvey weinstein he's expected to turn himself into the nypd friday morning to face charges in two separate sexual misconduct cases a source familiar with the investigation tells cnn the expected charges stem from allegations weinstein raped one woman enforced another to perform oral sex on the nypd refused to elaborate on the case during the news briefing thursday i'm not going to get into any details on the allegations beyond that there are several and the nature of the indepth nature of the investigation i'll stay away from at this point in time the expected charges follow a flood of accusations against weinstein that led women around the world to come forward with accounts of being sexually harassed and assaulted by powerful men weinstein's representatives has said he sought treatment after the accusations and any allegations of non consensual sex were unequivocally denied one of the first women to publicly accused weinstein of assault actress rose mcgowan she released a statement on instagram thursday saying in part i in so many of harvey weinstein survivors had given up hope that.

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