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Now on apple or Android in the APP store or at edge dot APP free free. Talk Live from the Snow Georgia's unreal. Because if you're taking you into a snowball hold a lighter to it. It doesn't Word Four. I yeah that's the way snow behaves everywhere because it's ice and there is considerably more air and heat energy a snowball and there isn't a tiny little lighter put but the fact that solely cut the southerners a break. I mean they've never seen if you think that there's a conspiracy out there to spray. Plastic snow craft show. Is that what they're saying higher. You're saying of Georgia real. Your floride is that what they actually say over there being like it's Kim trails. Yes haunt the people this is snow. It's not real. It's fake my friends and fellow Patriots Conspiracy Author Sprang Chem trail snow all over the state. Thank Georgia free. Talk Live seven nights a week from seven to ten eastern live on the Liberty Radio Network at L. R. N. DOT FM. What do you shop for that you could otherwise by at Amazon pretty much? Everything Right Amazon has competitive pricing and they deliver and that's a big plus if you could plan ahead and you're shopping. Would you be interested in saving up to thirty three percent. There's a catch. You have to do your shopping in Bitcoin. But imagine those savings. It's like a huge raise. All you have to do is go to save purse DOT COM. We've saved thousands and you can to.

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