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Yes. Yes. The foot. I just like it's been awhile since I know. Yes, I'm glad you did. And I want to propose something to you. Okay. Off the Mike because all my God. I had a trip fall through. And I I think I need to go. I need to go very soon much sooner than money even have to be an impromptu trip in the next few weeks. I that's what I'm saying. Wow bitch. Okay. Listen updates for you. I I'm these update I'm unhappy to hear that trip fell through. Yes. Well, you good reasons for bad. But yes, okay. Well, listen, I'm always down to go. Like, here's the thing. Like, I am a scene park Queen. No, yes. Yes. Do you even do six flags? I do. I do six flags have done six like you don't have to. Just like one of thing. Culture. Talking about art like twilight classics TV, and we're like, I fully used it. As an opening to talk about Disney. Checkout. Disney. Disney. Subscribe. We are paying brought Serlin I think maybe the hottest ban. Yes. He was fucking hot meat down. Another dimension. That wasn't good. Back into another dimension. This is good too cliched. Yeah. You're right. I can't oh. Can't shut up. Europe Russians when you did Pat Regan at the start of this episode. I really and truly had to cover the mouth. Shocking. Guys should do a show as Kadam, Pat. That I can do Katherine Cohen. Can I know all her songs? Yeah. And we have the same pianist. And you have the same pianist. I I've seen pets Senate of time that I could do it just slipped into Pat Regan..

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