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The Brown chicken Brown cow show your place for gender sex body? Positive talk show. We are having a fantastic month. We're actually wrapping up the month. Did today the thirtieth of October tomorrow Halloween. I'm I'm already sitting here in my costume is in Tampa coming as a jet. I this year. But I'm not quite sure what I'm gonna do. So I wouldn't I would be wearing my costume. But I couldn't up sufficiently large power source that makes me nervous. Professor. Hey, no power source. You can't get the gas engine or just plug it in the wall. We have to what? No, no, no, we're going. We're going on tesla this year. And I mean, the old guy not the new company. Oh boy. I can't wait to see that tomorrow kick. I've been hearing popping snapping at electrical sound on the garage. Don't make sense Todd when we have been talking about gender gender identity. Intersex. Transgender the gender journey. That's been the topic for this month approach for a number of different angles. And we've had some fantastic guests. I it's it's been an amazing if you haven't if this is the first one you're catching go all the way back to the beginning of September October and check it out. It's been just heartwarming. It's been personal stories. We've talked to doctors we talked to professionals helping individuals with their transition process. It is really been heartwarming to me, and we've also told personal stories as well. Right. There's there's been some, and there's I've learned about so many organizations. The glad of course, one a lot of people know about but there's a. The human rights campaign and the. That movement advancement project organization we saw that helps. Helps LG TV LGBT issues get address they just there's a tremendous amount of work going on there that people know about I don't think and speaking of tremendous work and individuals making it happen in helping actually moving the world forward pauses face today. We have Caroline on with us use the founder and director of the transgender institute. I'm really excited to to pick her brain. And all the things that she's been doing time. Yeah. She has some pretty spectacular tensions. She's a licensed clinical professional counselor national, certified, counselor nationally and internationally recognized educator advocate in provider for the transgender population. We are very very happy to welcome. Caroline gibbs. Welcome to the show. Well, thank you so much. It's a wonderful wonderful pleasure to be here. So sorry, I thought you were going to jump. This goes. Caroline before we get started. What are your personal pronoun preferences? I am she and her I am what is commonly called assistant or I call it assist gender chick. And basically, it's for people who don't know what that means that somebody who's gender identity matches their body. And so I'm I'm as some people would say a lucky person because I haven't had these sorts of issues of turns agenda and transsexualism to deal with in my life. And now there are people that would disagree with that and say that it's an honor to be under person because you get to kind of see so to speak both sides, a male and the female, the the man or the woman in the equation, you one of the look at my show notes here of one of the things that fascinates me. Is that you talk about non pathologising. Yes. And we'll get into that mortem in it. I'm sure, but that's and you have a very holistic approach things using. So you can sell people about hormone treatment psychiatric referrals, surgical guidance as well as other services of I'm sure we'll get into before we get into all that the first thing that we generally kinda like detri- and do is share some definitions in my nickname on the shows. The professor I usually get stuck with a we have a subject matter expert, and I've wondered if you would be willing to share with us the definitions of a few words to familiarize our listeners who may not be worth the definitions. I would love to for example, gender. Well, gender is very generic term. And so what I prefer to call it really because it has to do with identity, but I prefer to call it is gender identity. What had has to do with is how one identifies as a man or woman boy or girl, it is hardwired in my estimation..

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