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To the polls this morning cable Xs, George cells begins our coverage, the president of the board of aldermen is more than just the person who has the chair at the front of the chamber in city hall. The president runs the meetings, and is one of just three people to hold a seat on the board of estimate and apportionment that tiny group of people essentially has final say on budgets and spending for the city. Lewis read is the incumbent seeking reelection. Attention was drawn to the payment of his property taxes something he was behind on. But quickly rectified Jamila. She'd is a state Senator who has represented Saint Louis and some former fashion in Jefferson City since two thousand seven she and Reid were engaged in a squabble about her real name, and whether she should be able to run nothing came. Of the controversy Meghan green is a current board member who made headlines just yesterday after the city police union tweeted that she was a communist saying quote, better dead than red. She called it a threat, but the union would not back all the statement. Former alderman Jimmy green is also in the race also up for grabs aldermen exceeds in even numbered wards. It's a democratic primary but in most of the races. There are no Republicans. Meaning that this is for all intents and purposes, the contest that will pick the winners, George cells NewsRadio eleven twenty Campbell ex George mentioned, the Meghan green post, the Saint Louis police officers association is getting some blowback for Meghan green says that poster which has artwork of chairman Mao and her head pasted on his shoulders is not right. I mean, I am a democrat. I'm not a communist. I think most people who saw the memes. No that that is not me know that that I have been very rational boys for police. Accountability. So Lewis police officers association spokesman Jeff Rhoda defending the group's poster. I think that's an accurate depiction of her of her political leanings. I mean, she's running as a democrat. But mean, that's certainly not which is, you know, green also says the phrase on the poster better dead than red crosses the line at could be seen as a threat of violence against her. Reuters says it is not intended as a threat to anyone. Kevin Colleen NewsRadio eleven forty km. And a reminder from the treasurer if you're voting and you park at a meter outside of your polling place. You don't have to put any change in also happening.

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