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Round of gas so even when those things would come into play. It didn't generate like a more dramatic or interesting story for what a for one <hes> G._p.. was like so I I don't think I think it's telling the genre is revisiting that era in his head because he had a great deal of success in that era. I'm sure I am sure he looks back on it fondly and things the racing was great but I don't recall a lot of people saying the rules were particularly fantastic back then. I think this is just it's I mean it speaks to the the degree to which people enough one will all kind of avoid confronting just some of the contradictions of Formula One right well you know we create fast degrading tires and then then we'll force people to come in and they'll consider all these really baroque engineering challenge ways to sort of force some kind of action but they will never consider something like a reverse goodra grid race or something like that or fouls so blue I was I was wrong real real quickly. The cars are almost nine hundred kilos. They're they're seven forty <hes> all right but if we go back to the minimum weight era of like <hes> like the Turbo era in the eighties there were five hundred kilos so yeah and and so I think this this is the other thing is always twenty. One the twenty twenty one conversations the thing that makes me nervous is <hes> these conversations are supposed to be fair way advanced in terms of whether whether out and where the sports supposed to be for pinning down what it's going to look like in the future where these conversations appear to be happening. It's not that far along it feels like there's so much daylight and so much basic like definitional dispute about what makes a proper racing and so you get things like <hes> loud drivers saying the cars are too heavy and Ross brawn is saying well we can't because if we heavy cars of the price you pay for the Energy Recovery Systems which we've said is necessary for the Technical Foundation of the sport like we cannot go away from from the Hybrid v six Turbo Engines. That's that's a strategic shift. We've all we've all agreed upon and that was worth one hundred forty kilos and if you want cars to be light light and nimble like they were before that changed energy systems or like it was back when they were just <hes> you know turbocharged normally aspirated <hes> sorry turbocharged <hes> you know Traditionally v ten engines. You're not going to get that either and <hes> it feels to me like there's a great deal of discontent frustration with about with whereas if one is at right now and the stakeholders folders who are talking all have these radically different diagnoses of the problem that just that just feels like twenty twenty. One is not that far away these these this radio is regulatory overall is not like kind of needs to get done and it feels like there's such massive dispute about what good F.. One racing is advancing to say if I if Ross Brawn and maybe some of the folks who actually have their fingers on the button actually have a pretty good idea of what it is and they're just allowing doing these conversations to happen. You know so that everybody come to them. Yeah I wonder I I also think just to go back to the refueling thing for a second. I think it's a it's a disastrous optics.

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