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Agency, making a home visit. They would ask about spending habits. Alcohol consumption, gambling, marital status, and even check on the children in school. Women weren't eligible for the rays unless they were single with children. And men weren't eligible unless their wife stayed at home. And of course, every employee had to speak English. Though they claimed that there was a safety component to the English requirement, Ford was also a notorious racist and anti semite with a strong anti internationalist tilt. In fact, some sources indicate that his hatred for the Dodge brothers stem from the misguided belief that the pair were Jewish. Well, there's the star David on the emblem, but the triangle is also Greek for D so it would be like two D's, both the Dodge brothers are twined. Okay, they were not Jewish. And the triangle motif actually continued. It continued through Dodge's history, like dodges in the 60s. Their logo was a triangle. And now they're bringing that triangle logo back for the Dodge EV muscle Yeah, what's it called again that little move? The E muscle. No, the delta. Well, yeah, that was the fluke ring that you're thinking of Joe. Thinking of the fluke rang. That's not the fluke ring. The flickering is a different kind of arrow sort of design. It's easy to get that confused. Anyway, back to Henry Ford and his racism. Henry Ford was also an avowed conspiracy theorist and love to speak on the dangers that internationalism posed to traditional American values. Despite being the son of immigrants himself. Hitler looked up to Henry Ford. Or they were friends. They were buddies. So cool. So in the early 1920s, Ford sponsored a weekly anti semitic paper and later, he funded square dancing in American schools because he believed jazz was created by Jewish people and was a threat. Of course. However, Ford was also one of the only major corporations that would hire black employees, women, or handicapped men, and perhaps the most shocking tidbit on Ford is his inclusion in mein kampf, where he is the only American mentioned favorably. Hitler later said that Ford was quote his inspiration, and even kept a life sized portrait of Ford next to his desk. A life size portrait. She's apparently in the Ford archives. There's us one safe that has film of Henry Ford and Hitler hanging out. We should we licensed it? I mean, at least the square dancing. At least he had some, you know. That was it that we had to do that in school. What a waste of time. You had to do square dancing in school? Yeah. What? Yeah. At your sock hops or what? No, like this was something we did and we had to do this multiple times. Elementary like imp, not even in elementary school, it was like, it was like, you know, like, a month, right? Where it's like, all right, every Tuesday and Thursday we're going to go to the cafeteria and learn how to square dance. And then we did have to do that in PE, in junior high as well. Geez. The square dancing lobbyists and a task adera hardcore. Strong. Well dude, okay, so I was like, aren't square dancing, whatever. It wasn't until later on, like, three years ago when I learned about the whole Henry Ford square dancing jazz conspiracy thing. And I was like, that is some racist holdover. Yeah. Why are we doing this? Because rock and roll is made by the devil. They made us do jazz hands for hours at a time. Just kidding. We'll get back to more past gas, but right now, a word from our sponsors. Big thanks to auto tempest for sponsoring this episode of pass gas. I love looking for used cars. I basically do it all day while I'm at my computer. And I always go to auto tempest dot com because they have the best selection of cars throughout the U.S. and Canada. 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And square dancing or line dancing, I'm sorry. Square dancing is different than line dancing. But I feel like the principles are probably the same. I did not know how to line dance, James. I don't know. If you know how, if you know any steps, any dances, no. I don't even know the hoot scoot and buggy. I know you gotta get down, turn around. Go to town. Hoot's getting boogie. Did they let you in, even if you didn't have hammer loops on your pants? Oh yeah, I was definitely not dressed at country at all. You kind of have a crisp pen foot loose bud. Chris Penn. Where are you talking about Chris Penn Glover? No, Sean Penn's brother. Stop pointing that out of my dad. Remember in reservoir dogs? You're talking Chris spin, Glover? No, I'm talking Chris Penn Sean prinze brother. It's like an MF Doom line. Yes. Oh, Chris Penn died, right? No. Damn, I was gonna say we need a Kevin.

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