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KFC AFC needed a cigarette after that interview it was it was amazing. It really was. And you know what he's self deprecating fault like. He's gone themselves short. They said he doesn't have the x factor. Compliments everyone else and I feel like because deep down he knows like we do the self-deprecation all the time I'm I'm not self deprecating about the things. I really think I'm bad at it. I just keep my mouth shut else. Notices right yeah bring up leg oh fat. I know that I'm not fat. Fat they stink. I'm pretty good. I'm all right exactly. You know. So so when he's like. Oh yeah everyone is a good actor and everyone else has has laid off right right right. I mean yeah could not have been better and I feel like we're we got caitlin in the crosshairs Charlesdale. Hopefully the last one before we move onto rickety cricket and artists and I want the entire cast at some point. I want to talk to the lawyer and calm lawyer Rob Rob did say that he was as US leaving. You said it again into our booker as he was walking out. He's like I wanNA come back soon. He was upset at how quick the interview was the late July stuff so he was like. I WanNa come back so rob is going to be EVAC shortly at some point when he'll be girl and you got a lot more to talk about. Fuck we this is how you know you have a good interview if everybody out there a little behind the curtain if you're ever podcast interview or whatever. We both had like an entire page of notes and bullet points to hit we hit. I don't think it was a good interview. No it is it is. I think it's both I think it's like burke questions but we we we don't WanNa like we have questions we need. Ah I think we can lean on but we'd have a conversation. That's you know you got a good conversation. Maybe not an interview. I think that when you go into an interview saying question answer question answer question answer. Lee Wait Barbara. Walters doesn't get any of your questions not agreed interview right. She's like Oh we didn't even bring up Syria. That was like the whole point of this. What the fuck is our other pocket? Eagles PAT's so you know it was a good conversation. Think about if you tried to script every conversation in your life. I'm going to go to the bar. I'm talking my buddy about this and I'm going to talk about this and then I'm GonNa say this and then he's GonNa say that I can watch them now. You just let it flow and that's what we're doing with our guy. I just him making funnier. Fat Baby Hands was maybe legitimate children's birth and then there's always like I was set up for that came as a Miller lite and I immediately I saw them because we have two of their and I saw and I did not say fucking thing. Because I wasn't going to hand them fucking unopened Miller. John goes like this. If you're not if you're willing to watch it on goal he went. He went to put his shirt on top of it and Mac arrived. Rob just goes. That's ridiculous right. He I think he wanted it to happen. You GotTa talk about the beer so that you can open and then I'm GonNa Roast. It was. I knew I couldn't grab that in your hand because it would be ridiculous. Grab a beer for someone. Handed him without taking the cap off. That's just so I knew I couldn't do that. And then brandon came in fifteen minutes later with the beard. He ran to the Multiple Bodega really. I thought they were just in the pantry. Shot out to be seen even making that happen at a run for it. I knew we had some and I checked every fridge bridge. We have here. I was like well. What beer in the house it's gone like mantis brings dates here in Shit? Any good food or booze poof gone I have a I have a weird thing. This is GonNa this like all right. This is a good one preference like I know I sound like an asshole boy like I understand that. This is probably coming from a place of what's happening so I'm watching designated survivor show on Netflix. Hey is is awfully John's hate watching it. I love it. I really like fast and furious territory. But it's just like like every episode ends with this ridiculous Hook really well. I mean. It's three o'clock in the morning but play next. Great keep which it's fucking awesome. There's it's it's great. It's great television but it's right but in designated survivor. They're awfully lot of geopolitical issues. Would happen with a show in the White House right and every time they happen where it's like. Oh you know. Russia knows we've got a tax so they're moving subs into Serbian coast. Because they know that's where our based or whatever and I'm like why I got like do you not like everyone's good right. I get the complete play leverage place of privilege or whatever but like when I get into time when they were exploring. We're discovering new lands and stuff like that that we have our country's just do your country played right. That makes perfect. I mean listen. That's what it should be just leaving your country and have your country and I'm GonNa live country my country and if you walk Rom Com but just don't come and bring war and get. We probably do that a lot. Well okay our country doesn't have crude oil and their country does come your problem. Crude oil in Alaska. Not Enough not enough. That's where it comes to like some countries more valuable than other countries and that's where we co we want we just we buy it from them. Yeah but then buy from me we why well all of this fucking like political maneuvering to happen. You good right well. I just want everyone to be friendly. He just happened. I think. I think it's very as as well I mean. I think that's the message to be good right. Well okay. I agree that the world should be living under the you. Good you good. They they go to the UN they lean over on the delegate from United States. You good guys Middle East. The borders are set. These these are the borders now. Okay now we live within these borders. Anything in here's mine right and I'll tell you who are good. Let me tell you another problem like okay. They're good believing that their causes to like spread their religion and murder. Anybody who doesn't agree with that so when you say you good. They're like no. We're not you don't believe even Allah whatever the fuck you know. Whatever their causes so no? I'm not good but like people in in Russia. We why you WANNA come like. That's really the the one that may come take our spies for just so much effort that's us in Russia isn't even like anything. Other than just a power Dick matches can be rush over there. DUDE RELAX WE'LL BE AMERICA over year. I just think about like the like the political science major listening I was just like Oh my God. He's like he's right again. You are all right. You're so wrong you know you're right. Yours dummy I I. I think I'm going to modern HIPPIE. Where the Oh you definitely are? You're also getting to a point. I didn't even know it was possible. It's like Kramer with like we're going to go see how far to empty we can go and really empty is the right word you're really pushing the boundaries of how little you care about it and like I can't tell you how many conversations we've had recently where he was like. Yeah but like who cares and I was like well. What do you mean? He's like who cares about like anything. You just said it to me. I'm just like well I I guess I guess that applies none of this matters. I mean realistically what does it matter we. We're talking about the INS and outs of pen. And what's going to happen in the future. For our jobs he cares. I was like oh well. Yeah correct me and you won't be like in the room like signing the papers like we don't have to live with me you literally. We're about he's like no no no like who cares about any of it was like okay. Sure drink that that I disagree with a bad mood or whatever that I care about those things that's like I I care about my job now but the but I mean I don't care about Russia I think definitely that's my main thing is like until you understand. I guess we'll have oil or whatever the reason is that were there but ultimately like I don't care about that other country like that was a xenophobia. Whatever or whatever it is like the when Japan was doing isolationism that worked they just fucking hung out on the island nobody come come over von Komo shore put but just be cool yeah party? Don't fucking ruining actually bring him on the line cab off the wall over but the thing is I think that when we invite them over there but the cabinets off the wall. WHO's Day well? Yeah talking about immigration fine but I knew what you meant on on record. I wanted to make sure you said what I mean by that. I mean Russians. I think you should run onto the platform like just file Berg. Twenty twenty you good and guess what most people can say. But the I don't know is you know what you should do it as like not good question. Mark Dot Dot dot implying lake. Thank you are good question. You are good you good. I think I think I know I know everyone's good because I know how simple I live so it was like look. I haven't had hot water in three days. I'm good I'm not complaining. I've been using baby wipes you I can give. You are not good not good. I'm good your definition of good is staggeringly low. Good good. I slept woke up a good smell. Great but whatever. You smell showered in three days. Yeah I mean it's pretty good pretty good. I use baby wipes and I put cold freezing cold unnecessarily go. It's not hot water ice what I have ice one. It's like a boiler downstairs. They're putting I wet. My hair blow dried you really. Are hippy. Bro Your body auty hit like a hemp necklace and where some avenue is on the Hippie Zahn Goddamn hippie final. Berg became a hip. I'M GONNA happen. You just doesn't smoke expensive goals in some ways the most anti hippie. Yeah I'M GONNA Amalgam I'm a I think we don't put me and don't put me in a box and I'm not I'm not I'm not a fucking I'm everything you are everything. And that's how I know. Everyone is good. Everyone right right hippie. I liked his idea of like that. Might be the new mantra. Not really questioned the declaration. You good good going to our voicemails. voicemail is brought to you by paint your life now again. Valentine's Day is coming. Everyone's gotta get the flowers but also you want to think outside the box you want to get a little something extra and and what what better way to do it than a wonderful moment. In time I mean think about social media think about pictures online posting photographs. That's what people love. They they want to remember it. They want to cherish it. have it forever. They want other people to see it. And you know it's one thing we were scrolling through your phone but having a nice framed this posted posted. This is this is. This is a gift but you could just do this for people to call up a lot and they're like oh my college dorm. Hey My new apartment your best picture to get get a get a picture of you and your friends painted class up the joint. Yeah so that's what it is. It's a professional hand painted portrait from any photo you want so you have the photo already in existence and.

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