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Fantasy football podcast can't say it enough brought to you by the GMC podcast network. So in the last segment, we talked about drafting two guys from the same team, a very important aspect of. Graphs. As you, it's just an important thing to know and kind of be aware of as you enter your drafts and then earlier in the episode, we talked about the Tampa Bay buccaneers offense whole lot of stuff going on in that offense a lot of good stuff. A lot of things to be aware of you gotTa know where the ball is GonNa be going where Tom Brady going to be favoring or who is tone great randy going to be savory let's be honest alison my name there as I said, Tom Brady. Brady. Not Tom Brady. But. Now, now, I want to get into different scenarios around different offenses because obviously, if you're a football fan, you know. That anything can happen throughout a season and. There is a lot of different scenarios that can play out. And? This season almost more. So than any season due to the corona virus, you know there's a lot of times or there might be a Lotta time to hope not I hope. I'm wrong I hope it's not that bad but there's obviously that chance where. You know that running back can get sick for a week or two, and then you have someone who comes in and does well, and then you have to productive running backs when everyone's back, there's a lot of different things to take into consideration as we start prepping for these fantasy football draft. Let's be honest. Are Two maybe three weeks away. So now is the time to start doing your homework listening to podcasts, reading different articles about what's going on around the league what people are thinking just? Keeping yourself aware up to date with what's going on because that is the big thing in fantasy football. So we want to look at different scenarios. The first offense we're going to be looking at is the Baltimore Ravens talked about a little earlier obviously one of the more explosive office in the League you got Lamar Jackson Mark Ingram Markey's browned Mark Andrews Lot of 'em's Willie snead's even a very valuable or productive receiver. I don't know how much value have fancy football market. He's one bit. Pick off the waiver wire if you need someone in the flex position or someone on a by any could be very sturdy replacement for a week or two I wouldn't want to have him for too long just because he's not going to be the main focal point in this offense, but he's not a bad wide receiver two or three to have. So that's one of the impact but I wanna go into scenarios especially in the running back room in this offense you got mark. Ingram NJ Dobbins. We're going to start with the least likely scenario that could happen. Mark Ingram has been a very talented running back over his career in the NFL. Jake Dobbins is one of the most accomplished running backs coming out of Ohio state. From into the NFL, he had a great college career rushing for over a thousand yards in all seasons at Ohio State even rushing for over two thousand yards last year. So very accomplished, very capable. So though I do think he's GonNa. Be a great running back in this offense we're GONNA go with the least like the scenario of JK Dobbins Kinda taking over the starting role for Mark Ingram and becoming dot serving run back with more Jackson Baltimore, Ravens offense, and now I don't think it's going to happen. But it does, where do we value Jay Dobbins because obviously if that happens Mark Ingram is gonNA. have very little to none or no fantasy football value. But if that happens Jacob Dobbins automatically shoots up to a top twelve running back at running back one running back to in that someone you on your team now obviously, this is GonNa be a guy who you probably don't need to draft even in the scenario where he becomes a starter, it's not gonna be for the first two or three weeks minimum so. You don't need to draft him. You can pick him later in the season in getting, but that's scenario that could play out. I would be kind of surprise. But if it does, you know you still don't know I wouldn't draft Jacob Dobbins in any earlier to. Ten to twelve round right as a bench player. But that is one scenario that could play out within the Baltimore Ravens Locker Room. Now, the second I'm GONNA. Go with three scenarios for this team in this running by room. The next one is that Mark Ingram. Takes Balkan carries that's working eighty percent but Jacob Donald gets twenty is still very productive in that twenty. Where does his value go in? Where does Mark Ingram value go 'cause the very dynamic offense demar Lamar Jackson is going to be running the ball. There's a lot more options than just running it to either of these guys. Let's say working gets eighty percent of the carries I. Think he's still a running back to running back three. At worse. So still a very productive running back is someone I wouldn't value in these seven to eight round range of even a little earlier his especially because Mark Ingram gives you that aspect out of the passing game and Jimmy Dobbins does to they like to use their backs like that it'll have state. So it's not eater the do but kind of an eighty twenty rule and honestly I think this is the most likely scenario I think. Mark Ingram was going to be kind of a six to eight round range depending on how big your lead is where people are going around that range. Eighty to eighty percent of the carries and where does Jikei Dobbins value in that scenario? Ireland, say he's a solid bench to flex player. If you need someone could someone's hurt or someone's sick or someone has a by? Yeah. He's going to be very valuable flex piece like that but would draft him or pick him up hoping he's GonNa Randomly. Jump on a nowheres and be tough guy for you. Finish football offense. No I would not recommend that just straight to it completely honesty I would not recommend that. So that's kind of weird scenario I see in this Baltimore Ravens offense in the running back room. But, now let's go over to we're GONNA. Stay in you seem division but go to the Cleveland. Browns. and. There is a lot of different instances that could happen with this offense. There are so many different names in this offense this so many different situations. Could unravel at one point in this season. So I with the browns offense Baker Mayfield and I'm GonNa say it right off the bat. I. Think Baker Mayfield is going to have a big season this year I think he's going to have a bounceback year. He had that good end of his rookie season or showed he can be very, very productive quarterback in this league. I think it kind of got to his head. There was so much hype surrounding him in the Browns just because of him in they really didn't have a good coach. and. Didn't really have. The talent was just too good on paper. They couldn't really put it together in kind of unraveled very, very poorly. And I think he got a little humbled. So to speak by the NFL happens a lot and I think that's good. I think it shows him what he needs to do to really actually be successful in this league. So now we're GONNA. Look at this offense and. Junior in Jarvis Landry. The top two receivers and obviously you can have the two top scenarios. taught most likely the too easy scenarios look at our own L..

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