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Them appears. I suppose that's free speech. Each professor speaks or writes his or her review of their peers. I guess that's a good thing, isn't it? You know, I know I'm evaluated. Question about it when I'm teaching. All right. Let me get to your calls in the order in which they come in. Let's go first to Douglas calling from San Francisco. Hi, John. Hi, Douglas. Listen, Yeah, I'm coming out of Trump's a program or Bernie Sanders. Union worker retired. And and I'm, uh, skeptical. I agree with you. This is one of the Toughest decisions will have to make and we should, you know, think it through and the my real concern is the ingredients inside of it. And a side effect of all these rama drugs, you know, and they're not telling us what's in it or what? Let me ask you, though, if the if the FDA and the doctor Fauci and Dr Berks and if my doctor uh, Michael Schrader all say it's safe. You think I should take it that Zillow? You may It's not enough. I want to know what's in it, You know, kids. Do you have the the pharmaceuticals control with medical professional? Look, Look, I have to have faith in you know, you gotta have faith in something. When I went in and got my flu shot. I didn't know what was in the flu shot. I have faith what I went in and got my two shingles shots. I did it because I have faith when my kids were little and they got the three are shot. They got it because I had faith. You know, Doug was you've got to have trust. But I want you to do me a favor. I want you to call me when the vaccine comes out. You call me Let me know whether you do it with you when you do that for me. Well, I will because I listen to you all the time, but I'm I really It's a tough decision on because And I really like to take it, But I don't want to have any complicated Don't know is either I don't either. So let's always want to tell us more about what city ingredients Thea FDA will issue a full report will get it and then you'll check back with me. Let me go to Nick calling from San Jose Nick. Welcome to K G O. Good morning or good evening. I'm so glad I'm speaking to you, Mike Lamb. How about Look at that. This way. You know the old saying power corrupts and absolute power corrupts. Absolutely. My sense is that Trump is anti science Is Maura about authority than anything else. It's sort of like When the church decided, you know about smallpox, vast vaccinations. That man was trying to play God, you know that only God could decide who lives and dies. And this is sort of a body authority also, I I think I know what it reminds me of. I had the polio vaccine when I was young. And then they have the sugar cubes. If you remember those, and there were people who refused to take the polio vaccine of the sugar cubes because they were convinced polio was gonna be running rampant that they were really in It's not logical and what we're learning in the whole trump businesses. It's not logic. So Steve answers brilliantly in his email to me to the caller, who claimed he won't take the vaccine until six months to a year. Forward of its effectiveness should understand it will be six months or close to a year before we even have the opportunity to be vaccinated. That is unless he's a consider frontline worker. Loved add something else. Sure, I'm a Rotarian and I've been to Ghana, Africa immunizing Children about, uh.

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