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I still think I'd like Louise, Robert and Nick. Magical out. Grove native are going to propel them. You know, you're looking at Cleveland. You're looking at the cub. Neither team you know, I thought of that yesterday that there have been 202 Major league debut this year, and that is what we played like 53 games so far, so 202 debuts at 53 games. That's about four debuts. Her day. That's incredible. And I think that's a huge testament. The amount of talent coming up in the farm system again with the Padres, I think Padre there have they've been written off for the last 10 years. I mean, the last time they made the playoffs whose 2010 and you have guys like Jake Cronin worth, for example, you have guys like Camp Asano, a catcher that coming and thought started for them before you have Luis Patino. I mean, the part you don't even have their best prospect up. Yet in the cans, Igor, So I really think that these teams like the Padres, like the white sauce that have been banking on their farm systems are really gonna have to rely on them as we close out the season. I think it'll be very fun to watch. Boy. Great report. Katie. Thanks for your patience this morning. We've got more to do. And we'll definitely have Yang again. I appreciate you do a great job. Minor league baseball dot com. Katie with Katie. Thank you. No problem. Guys have a great one. I love it. This is such a good job. I really learned a lot from Katie. All right, Bill. We're ready for our Giants pregame. You all set for it? We're always ready. Marty. Come on, buddy. We're talking baseball. All right, more coming up right after this. Today isn't just about NL versus a battle. It's not just about orange, digging for third with a triple one of the biggest hits of the year for the Giants, taking a 54 league vs Green and gold. It's certainly not about Lucille and Stomper. It's about proud center existence. It's about proud Oakland. Er's later about one team prepping for the play offs, and one team clinging to hopes of the postseason playoff game mean that so we have to look at it. Two teams covering the Bay Area baseball landscape, with one span connecting the East. To the West. This is the Bay Bridge. Siri's Giants pregame Theis coming next KNBR 1045 and six sports leader Are you prepared for.

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