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And to find your closest retailer, that's truly grass fed dot com. Yet again I get to tell you about one of the products that I've I've found through the show. That's that's truly been a game changer for me. It is of course bomb. Bomb make the most comfortable socks in the history of feet. They've rethought detail of the socks. We wear to make something way better. I'm GonNa tell story during these pandemic times. He's quarantine times. There was a couple months there where my my mother-in-law wound up living with US I've got a lot of Obama's. My wife got a lot of bombers for Christmas. We have routinely purchased my mother-in-law lot of bombs and we're doing our laundry. And you can feel the tension. The Bomba's come out. We're going WHO's that? We gotta make sure we all separate our bomb. Because when your laundry comes out, you don't want to wear the other socks. He got sitting around. You WanNa get rid of those sites you want Bombay's. Feet. You are bound this every day. I got enough that I can almost make that happen. Do not regret to sit there and feel quiet nervousness that one of US may have lost. A bomb is when you're folding laundry and you've got a stray sock, and you realize you might have you might have. One! That's disappeared into the depths. You're going. Please never bomb with that. Mike My. Make Me, feel good. They do more than keep your feet cozy. They also give back to the most vulnerable members of our community for every parasites you purchase. Bombers donates to someone in need. The generosity of Obama's customers has allowed them to donate over thirty four million pairs of socks and counting through their nationwide network of over three thousand giving partners and impact. It's more powerful than ever to those experiencing homelessness. The socks represent the dignity. Dignity of putting on clean clothes to small comfort very important, especially right now, give a pair when you buy a pair and get twenty percents off your first purchase at Bombay's dot com slash stories. That's be Oh, NBA dot com slash stories. You get twenty percent off your first purchase. You will feel great about these socks. I'm not lying bomb. Biz Dot com slash stories. Right everybody I break is over. We shall not fear more telephone call until we get to the second break. There will be known by Indian. Boutwell. Alien I only skull do they were about three years ago? by doing my research online manage just wanted me down. But I felt no closer to my Indian fide from having found them. And It's Kinda stuff time that I really felt proud to be. Indian because. In the past it was always something negative especially for my family. and I'm trying to like. It took me a long time to watch. People say you know what I am Brown. Because for a long time. My mom never talked about the fact that she was Brown. And I was full. Brown because it. Reminded her of her father was never a good thing so I would say white and. If. There's anything good that's come out of. This is the fact that I actually still like I know who I am, both are now. Cool. Has Come you. With the negativity of being told. Oh you're not white enough to be white. You're not brown enough to be Brown either. Because I get bad I noticed well. But, I actually feel like I. Know My my own identity. That's now. That's an amazing thing. That's an amazing thing that all of this negativity, and all this fear I bet, there's people all over the globe right now going you know what? I, I have to whether it's embrace. My background more than I have or. Fight for my background more than I ever have and not sit down. If, we can get that mobilized for people in the world. Would a beautiful thing. Yeah and I like I've I've always felt the especially. People like me because I. I can't even in the sun, and that's when my skin my income, the changes very drastically because during the summer that I experienced more racism because I actually got about ten shades also I.

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