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Welcome to the Marty. Smith's America podcast? All you thirty three this week. We have a lead me like a Jif legend first balance major league baseball hall of Famer Chipper Jones. And this guy was one of the phases of the south for two decades and with a distinguished career that spanned all of that time with a single team. The Atlanta Braves the production that Jones put up year after year after year is historic. And that's why he's a first ballot hall of Famer. And it's so fun to talk to baseball players. The biggest reason I love to chat with baseball players is the storytelling. They have the best stories and Chipper was more than willing to share some of his best stories. There's a story about a flash bang and gas grill. There's a story about a broken hand. There's a story about. The why there's the broken hand. And it's wonderful every bit of it's wonderful. This is one of my favorite conversations. I've had on the Marty's Miss America podcast. We get into chippers passion for the outdoors and any of you guys. Watch commander you'll be so interested to learn about his transition from but commander to major league bow hunter and why because I was being an outdoors enthusiast, and it's fascinating. So y'all gonna love this one. I can't wait for you to hear it. I want to hear your thoughts on hit Travis and me up on Twitter. We wanna know your feedback. My handle is at Marty. Smith ESPN travis's is at Travis rock hold. And we want to know what you think about this thing, man, we're having so much fun with it. I love when I'm out, and I hear from you guys about how much you enjoy these interviews and what they mean to you. I wanna know because we wanna make them better. We wanna make them as good as we. Can before we get to Chipper..

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