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Greek fire in Central California is raging at 0% Containment last check. We'll get an update on the latest from Cal Fire official. Meanwhile, the sudden evacuations are serving as a reminder to be prepared. I'm Ted Raimi K CBS News Time 10 31. People are continuing to evacuate the area of Shaver Lake east of Fresno this morning as the creek fire burns through the area to get an update. We are joins on the KCBS Ring Central News Line by Stacy Nolan, Fire prevention specialist with Cal Fire and the Fresno County Fire Prevention District. Stacy. Good morning. How are you doing? Good morning, Harry. Doing very well. So the update we were looking at was from last night. I believe 11. PM How many acres have burned now as of this morning? As of this morning at 78,790 Acres with 0% containment, and so how are you gauging progress of the firefighters if it is still at 0% containment. As of right now, we have no containment lines around the fire. As you know, you know, overnight, it continued to grow its in heavy fuel loading areas, you know, with dead and down trees. So of course you know that's going You know, hamper the efforts on trying to get you know, control of that and in terms of how it's burning, how many structures have been damaged and or destroyed at this point? You know, we don't have those numbers right now. What happened is we're not able to get in there. We have our damage assessment teams that go in after fires and do that assessment And then that's how we get our statistics. And right now we're not able to do that. Do the fire, you know, Fire fight that's going on. We can't put our crews in their danger. Just You know, because they're trying to, you know, get a handle on it. Yeah. I mean, what I'm hearing from you and the other reports that we've learned of this fire is the overall just intensity If you could speak to that a bit more. Sure. Well, of course, like again. I said, you know, it's been dry with high temperatures. No, that's all over California right now. That's not, you know, helping our efforts at all. So we do have the heavy timbers. We have the brush everything that has been and you know, over the years we had that bark beetle kill. So with the bark video kill that helps, you know, just influence that fire more because the trees now are, you know, try and they're ready to, you know, catch fire! You know once the fire comes up to it So it's not like in the past where we've had nice, you know, you know lots of water. You know where the trees have soaked it up. Now they're all dry. At this point. How many people have had to been rest will be rescued. Well, the rescue took place over a mammoth pools and that was 217 that were hoisted and then they had to injuries. And in terms of it impacting surrounding areas is getting close enough to Yosemite to impact operations that are on going over there. No, it's not. We're in the shaver Lake area. Okay, on the Mariposa side there towards North Fork in the bath Lake area. Great. Well, Stacey, thank you so much for your time this morning. We appreciate the update. You're welcome. Have a great day again. That was Stacy Nolan..

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