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Mm and we are back then coming up but dave smith from rockville is on the line we're going to chat with him about fire safety month coming up in october out but before we do that i want one more note about the bees real i want to mention uh a quick note about bees honey bees are not be killed no zid that we'd they've bush a crisis of the last few years the bottom line bottom line is i don't kill the bees on my property rhino how to do it uh but that you know there are people who are lergy to beef and i'm not i've been stung and it's not a big deal and i and i'm not and i'm not afraid of beef yeah i'm sitting at an outside barbecue party and the bees come around because they're hungry and every two hours a day it's it's bay and they start swiping ataman that's a good way of getting stung if you don't pay any attention to a obey they're not gonna bother you you know and i just i simply don't pay attention to them but again if you're a have a fear of bees or if you're allergic or if people who come to your property you're allergic or you're worried about that possibility because beacon kill person dash definitely thick anyway pay so the bottom line is i leave malone uh i think they are good for the garden i think they're good for the greenery you know they do a lot of pollinating and so i think beazer a good thing but we you know we all have to make our our choices and but when you go to eliminate these make sure you're not eliminating honeybees okay absolutely or you have the bees removed you can actually have them removed okay if you are allergic you can have a mccall the beekeeper all the beekeeper and now do you have a ton of that that i kinda deal or anything that it that that that that that that that that it's time now for what we promised you all along which is an interview that we're gonna have with dave smith from rockfall insulation hey dave how you doing push the button oh i got a push area go i'm so sorry do that were time hello dave yes my dave how you doing got it i forgot to push the.

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