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They haven't been even close to what they can be, and that's what always I'd like to see that team that's still winning and stacking ws but yet you know they're better than they are and. Earl Thomas made all this news in the off season or the week for the season they cut our Tom. They've got really good defense and they just added Gaga who's Had some issues with teams before, but it's mostly about salary not personality, and then he's with clay's Campbell who was like his big brother when they were in Jacksonville together. So I. was really going for the Vikings Weird deal that he was there for like five weeks. But in a parable season from Minnesota and Gakuin might best player he was all over the field every time you watch that team I think the ravens could be gearing up an and I'm curious to see if this makes them a little tougher in a little bigger upfront because those are the teams that give them problems especially, Tennessee and especially Kansas City tough on for Minnesota. Rate Trade the second in the conditional fifth and six weeks later they get a third and A. Fence it's like whoops basically, they just give away fifty draft picks and goodbye well plus the Baltimore. Second Rounder will be in the top ten of the second round of Baltimore's will be in the bottom five of the third route. So it's really like a forty five picks swing potentially or fifty slang with the Ravens always doing this is like way in the weeds with the Ravens are. Like one of those teams that just pick compensatory picks all the time. So if and when Matthew Jude on WHO's one of their pass rushers signed somewhere else this next off season the ravens no, they're getting another third round pick because he'll be signing for a huge amount of money. If he doesn't resign with them, they'll get that pick back. This is what the Ravens do and Patriots do. It they think a couple years down the line as opposed to a lot of these teams that continually end up seventy nine because they're going all in for the season, and then when it doesn't work out there left with no picks and you're in what he's been sitting in right now she's just purgatory i. wish the Patriots just traded their picks every year overtaken them out much rather trade. Them for proven guys versus the the frigging gauntlet. We're now a tight ends and receivers and cow Douger is like the only draft pick I really liked from the last two years they've had like a lot of picks the the Nicole Harry pick is going to be one of those that you guys. It's sleep and he might end up being good but no, it's like if it's even deeper. We know, AJ Brown and we know metcalf like when you see four. On the eagles a sixth round pick the lions that same draft class just rolls right onto the field and Old Dominion and is maybe the best player on the team and you're like full should've taken full overkill Harry that's another receiver crazy receiver draft and Gosh Kill Harry I got all the physical skills. He looks the part and he just wanted to happen just hasn't clicked it can't get open. I know it's a problem. You kind of have to get open as a wide receiver in Demere bird is is probably been the one receiver they've had that actually seems like he's open most of the time other than that Ed is on his last legs it looks like and they have no tight end that can do anything. Now me nothing Aussie Aussie was going to be the Guy God. Where there's a big time for Zuber to.

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