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I didn't think it was like absolutely necessary. These guys were still building their their careers. So that's the difference right there. I think at the point that we see anderson and sunny fight. It's going to be you know kind of like a make or break thing you know. They might even have some sort of eliminator online. It's going to mean something and not that that didn't mean anything but it. It really didn't have anything on the line you know. When gomez and our into quantify it was kinda like you know the winner went off in the loser. You know just stayed behind But i feel like redo eventually see it. I think we have to. But you know sunny konso being philadelphia fighter being from philadelphia. He has a really strong a fan base Or you know he's he's added really strong fan base Twenty five years old but Ultimately i think you have to be more excited for jared anderson at this point. You're absolutely right. he surpassed. What's on sunny console supposed to be And and and. I don't understand like i don't know why he took the rest of the year off. I'm not sure if we you know maybe there's an injury we don't know about or something boy. Yeah that was definitely not productive You know to keep him shelves all year or for the remainder of twenty twenty. But you know he's he's got to come out and make a statement. I think You know i. I i would like to see a knockout. I really would be This duties fighting waldo Costa you might remember him. From the bubble he fought. ib In june of last year in the bubble so You know it. Actually you know what he's the guy who rematch. I bet if you don't remember wait was that it. I don't remember but he definitely fought him while the data's of costa he definitely had a rematch. Would i he he. He beat i bet. Yeah this decision okay. Okay yes. I remember now. Yeah and then. He lost the guy poor guy. Almost everybody be my dante stone to. He beat dante stone of first time. Why they why are they not why they don't let him keep wade hick charm box fag. Though y'all dante stone is scheduled to fight. I beth in arizona. No your schedule for a fi- were Bethany is naming bevy. They'd be pronounced a million times on telecasts as ebay. I don't know obey but kingsley is scheduled to fight your man dante stone december. Thirty firs twenty twenty one. Is this your line you know. Are you serious. Y'all here's no way. Br scree shit. He got three five scheduled. On boxer at an death is the eib as the only opponents showing everybody t wait three fights scheduled three abe ruin to in december back to watch yes. Is it like a tournament or some hall in arizona as zebra. Y'all that's weird yellow straight. Do y'all he must be a good fight. Keep getting these ways people man. Yeah i i know it's it's it's interesting we'll see sunny does I think he's got to get a stoppage. Gotta make statement eats never been stopping any for ebay and person anyway usa. He he wild though some shit right this guy. He's been stopped twice okay. Ebay stopped them and whoever the hill. Oh that's right. yeah. I'm so stupid. He stopped him in the bubble. I remember that fight very well. I got a boxer poor guy. Six four six four. Wow okay that's what they say. Six four how tall is sonny sonny. Sh six four to right is six to the only got him down as wow okay. Oh yeah they do. He's another david. Maguire guide to Sunny console hell. Yeah so Yeah a lot of a lot of these types of fights though if they don't make good with ceo does make water. Stop feeding his guys to top rank. that's definitely something that is worth the inquiry. That's a really good point. I mean that that whole situation seems really really bad. Just the optics of it uram saying like. How do you win the fighter of the year. And then you're promoter kinda just shits the bed on your next fighting doesn't get you paid and understand what's going on. I'm not saying it's all top ranks fall. Obviously you know without crowd is hard to do things but yeah man i. I could imagine david you know being salty for rightfully so it would be interesting to see those e e you know. Does that like does it get to that. Does it get to that. Because t i don't know no you definitely right. You definitely right forward. Adrian brodie card. The return of adrian rona. He's supposed to be fighting giovanni santiago it was scheduled to be a junior welterweight fight last minute. This is a welterweight fi so the whole the whole marketing job was to get you invested in now at the last invested. Yeah the last hour they pull the fucking curtain back and they're saying he didn't make way he wasn't in shape man. It's so so. And i'll break this down for those of you who don't know Adrian bronner's comeback tour has been predicated upon the idea that he has outgrown or not outgrown. But he's you know he's matured. He's decided to settle down a really focus on his craft boxing He opened up about mental health. You know he talked about the fact that he lost thirty five pounds in preparation for this I i see that press conference to you. Know a be You know he. He talked about the fact that he contemplated retirement and It was based on the fact that you know. I love the answer he gave he said you know. How long have you been doing the same job. I think he asked the writer that asked him that right. He said something like that. Not contentious way but just like you know like trying to make a point like i've been doing this since i was six years old. I needed a break. That's where the retirement talk came from. That's where brody was so then coming back be trying to make one forty that was where everybody was rallying behind him because it was like. Wow not only is he coming back but he's he's leaving the division that we all thought he wasn't as good at and moving back down to one forty and had even hinted maybe even returning to one thirty five at some point but with it now him getting those extra seven pounds. Does it dilute the idea that you know. This is a new guy. this is a change guy. this is a guy who was rededicated himself to a craft. I'm gonna tell you. I don't think that it's loss. I get that people are upset about that. People don't trust it anymore or they don't they fill bamboozled or whatever. They don't think that it's real. You know his rededication that. But i don't think that's what this is. You know. i think that maybe he overestimated. The difficulties are making one forty. You know you got to remember like this guy's been at this weight class But he lost thirty five pounds. That the jit you know. He looks healthier you know he looks healthier. He looks and sounds a healthier He just seems like he's in a better place. So i'm not lost on this. I still feel like we're getting a repackaged broader that's coming in and wants to be the best version of himself today. Switched it to one forty seven saying yes didn't seven pounds. Wow i know. I i hear you today. And he looked subdued than his all red jumpsuit. Just sloshed over. i don't know if it was the guy that he's fighting Wasn't excited or there wasn't many people in the audience but Was anybody yeah..

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