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To get the law. Lordstown plant reopened despite a tweet from President Trump Wednesday saying there's now a deal to sell the plan to accompany the makes electric trucks. I'm assuming General Motors. You know believes that this can actually work can work for the people in in in large town. So we have to now. Become involved, and do whatever we can to to assist. The line says GMC Mary Barra indicated that the still contingent on approval from the United Auto Workers union, which could happen late this summer. Trump Sweden also indicated GM when reinvest seven hundred million dollars into three other sites in Ohio creating four hundred fifty jobs, Ohio, Lieutenant governor John Houston says workhorse company reportedly bind, the Lordstown plant is on the rise had the opportunity to be at their facility on a number of occasions. It's a promising Ohio company that is leading in electric vehicle technology. They're converting products right now for companies like UPS workhorses also reportedly has about one hundred please would need a major increase in employment to fill the former GM plant a protest plan this morning for Columbus teenager, whose charleena's shooting death of her boyfriend, the gathering is on behalf amazing Saunders. Who's who has a hearing on whether she'll be charged as an adult for the death of Julius tape back in December. He was shot dead. By an undercover police swan off. Officer as they were investigating a series of armed robberies. Police said tape pulled gun on the officer and was shot dead. Saunders was charged with murder under Ohio's felony murder rule where an accomplice can be charged a co-conspirators death during the commission of a crime. Protesters want charges against Saunders drops bond set at thirty thousand dollars for the pike county woman who's accused of encouraging the abusive her youngest child by her older children. ABC six is Alexis Moberg versus Thirty-one-year-old Lindsey freely with Sean coaching the abuse video posted the social media encourages for ten and twelve year old to continue to hurt her. You can also hear her say come on. You're not doing it enough puncher in the head as the girl screams in pain free lens. Also indicating the children's should not hit the girl in the face. So the bruises wouldn't be seen at school freelance charged with child endangering and domestic abuse a championship sports team come into the White House today. The Boston Red Sox beat the Orioles last night in Baltimore. And today they'll make the short trip south to Washington to visit the White House. The team is here to celebrate their two thousand. Eighteen World Series title, but like most visits by professional championship. Sports teams. There's some controversy Red Sox manager Alex Cora said last weekend. He will not be joining his team because his native Puerto Rico.

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