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Mike trout talks about a strained calf and how a last place team can be just three games out of a wild card spot as we go inside baseball in ten minutes you probably have around Los Angeles a notorious street gang in today the fed we're going to announce some charges the stories are coming up in the next fifteen minutes per person say fifteen traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the box with Jennifer York wow five very heavy this morning heading in a fountain valley starting to well what's Mister Boulevard all the way down to Warner really tough job in itself further to the south in a typical thank you sell pretty far to the south five south thirty five the self four or five we have the right lane blocked for car crash debris in lanes it's also affecting your north fifty five transition to the south oral box right by John Wayne airport to give you heads up there's gonna catch a little off guard Charles Gardez used the full lives guy three of the valley at least it has got any worse it's less about that about southbound still calls from a just about a victory actually almost that server way I doubt you'll get a center drive support only going to help you do about victories out there looks like it's just about as bad as the freeway other freeway now but I want to chat or one ten north is absolutely jammed leaving south hill in the harbor area we had mercy a center divider repair left lane blocked from Carson street up to Redondo Beach Boulevard and there's a lot of fog in the area too heavy from PCH to the four oh five up ahead you've got more slowing Manchester the downtown no that's not a by this it popped up at stadium way right by Dodger Stadium here we're going to talk to fellow come out in the middle lane the north from five now is solidly backed up from the east a later check start of fiction or found five sent out as well the seven ten heading up into the still later change an active or the eight forty five I'm Jennifer York more tropical force more often can't extend seventy.

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