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Three four six seven five two give me a call and tell me if you believe whether you believe that this impeachment crusade as a made up boy and the Democrats decided long ago to try and impeach president trump to try and get rid of a duly elected president for any reason whatsoever right now we've got Fred in Cleveland standing by what's up front. hi Boris good day to you you too much on the world I think what we're witnessing is the last act of a bunch of desperate schools. and they will all be humiliated very soon and I think they'll all star running for the hills and hiding may know what's to come with the tourney general bar. and I think they're scared ship list. tools do you do there a super user. good well thanks thank you for your comments so okay what do you think it's actually going to happen you know would you believe that they're going to be embarrassed how. I think that this is a joke I think trump is going to keep turning up the heat they know that they have no leg to stand on there's nothing legal one question that could be asked over and over is what is the crime. you're right about that earlier today right they're doing impeachment somebody from CNN or somebody from the news just passed hello see what's the crime so that's what the crime is a wall play along but they can't even answer that question this is a complete fraud on the American people and we all ate. from my good for nothing this I wouldn't hold your breath for CNN to ask that question you know if they're just getting over the fact that the mall the report gave them absolutely nothing so they're upset about that but hopefully somebody can ask somebody can ask the question that we are asking the question you're asking the question the American people want to know why instead of passing the new now after the US MCA why instead of dealing with drug prices instead of dealing with the opioid epidemic in this country instead of continuing to fuel the positive economic growth of this country why would the Democrats want to attack president trump like this I think it's just harder for power what do you think Fred. I couldn't agree more I mean I only the their state still can't get over that they that Hillary lost if Hillary had one they would have buried all the illegalities of the Obama administration and now that trump is on the brink and William buyer is digging in day no old at the bottom is going to fall out and they are completely desperate and they'll do anything three bars report from coming public. Hillary Clinton said that looking into her camp campaign looking into our emails is the real witch hunt what are you saying you don't believe the one the only Hillary Clinton. hello back no one believes her she has no credibility she is utterly hated.

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